Glamorgan School recognises the importance of sport and physical exercise. We take pride in our sports teams and encourage a ‘can do’ and ‘let’s try to win’ attitude. This term has already taken off with many sports teams preparing and training for their Term 2 competitions and upcoming interschool tournaments. As always, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the children, parents, and teachers who so actively support our teams in either a coaching, managing or a spectator capacity.

Interesting Information for Parents

Helping children build physical activity into their daily routine can create a pattern that may stay with them for the rest of their lives. Research suggests that physical activity enhances brain function, the learning process and kids’ academic performance across all curriculum areas.

What the researchers are saying…

Children and young people can derive great value from participating regularly in sport and recreation activities. Not only is participation important for their health and wellbeing but ongoing participation can contribute to:

  • Development of social skills and moral and ethical behaviour;
  • Development of personal skills such as problem solving, communication, decision-making and leadership;
  • Understanding and feelings of inclusiveness and empathy with the needs of others;
  • Transmission of cultural norms and values;
  • Opportunities for the development of personal and group identity;
  • Improvement and maintenance of physical, mental and emotional health;
  • Productive use of leisure time;
  • Helping individuals, groups and communities of people realise their full potential.

Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC)

Glamorgan School Sports Philosophy

The sports philosophy clearly defines three areas

Expectations of students

Expectations of coaches, managers and supporters

The role of the school

These are based on our aim of children at Glamorgan School taking pride in an inclusive sports programme that provides coaching and playing experience for all children in a supportive learning environment. All children representing Glamorgan School in either an individual or team sport receive a copy of the Glamorgan School Sports Philosophy. All children, coaches, managers, and parents are expected to uphold all expectations. This can be located on our school website

If your child is considering or is currently involved in one of our sports teams, we strongly encourage you to read this and share it with your child.

Skillz4Life Swimming Lessons

As part of our swimming programme for 2018 we were able to secure the expertise of the qualified swimming instructors from Skillz4life Swim School. Their swimming lessons are aimed at all age groups and abilities. They also work towards achieving physical education and health curriculum objectives. Structured lessons are based on ability levels after an initial assessment of students swimming ability. As this programme is so well supported, we hope to continue with lessons next February. Notices and emails will come home to you in Term 3 of this year with information on their programmes and how payments can be made for their 2019 programme.

Inter School Swimming Event

Cluster swim team 2018 (Medium)

Congratulations to the Glamorgan swim team for their outstanding performance at the cluster swim event on Tuesday 10th April. We may not have won the competition, having come third, but we were certainly the best behaved and most supportive team there. The children really demonstrated the Key Competencies. Also, we did win the most important race – the Grand Relay – with a superb team effort.

Glenn Sheers and Jo Barker (School coaches & co-ordinators)

Shore to Shore Fun Walk/Run

It was a fantastic day to do the Fun walk/ run for Shore to Shore. A huge thank you to all of the parents and families who attended. This is one of the oldest events organised on the Shore and one of the cheapest for families. The event gives back to the school by allocating sports equipment – the value depending on the number of participants entered. The staff were dressed as one of the seven dwarves and all of the children were encouraged to wear red or green. At the finish, Hilary Barry welcomed everyone over the line and there were a variety of free items like ice blocks, sports drinks, water and lots of entertainment. Thank you to the Friends of the School for providing food and nourishment and a place to meet after the event. We all had a super day and it was great fun.

Lynnette Peters (Shore to Shore co-ordinator)

Term 2 Events

Kiwisport Badminton

Senior School Cross Country-7 June

Junior School Cross Country-8 June

Cluster Cross Country Event-25 June Save Day-2 July

Mini Ball



Junior and Senior Netball

Rippa Rugby Tournaments

On behalf of the staff and students at Glamorgan a huge thank you for your on-going support and participation with sport at our school, without your help many of these sporting opportunities could not be offered. I also wish the very best to our teams and athletes with their future games and events.

Michaela Nicol (Teacher in Charge of School Wide Sports Events)