Team Haepapa Home-School Newsletter
Term 4 2018
Kia ora koutou
Welcome back to school everyone and we trust that you all had a safe and relaxing holiday with your children. The students took part in many extracurricular activities in Term 3 such as the KiwiSport Volleyball programme, as well as participating in Dance lessons. The children were tutored in a variety of dance styles with Krystal Stuart, a Professional Dancer from Limelight Dance Studio. We have also had children from our team represent our school in the Rippa Rugby Tournaments and the Northern Bays Super Cluster Winter Sports Tournament.
To finish off a fabulous term 3 we had Sharing the Learning and the Art Festival. The children had the opportunity to display some beautiful pieces of artwork they had completed throughout the year. We would like to extend a big thank you to all our families who came along to school so that your child could share their learning journey this year so far. We were extremely proud of the children and the confident, articulate way in which they shared their learning goals, strategies and progress. It certainly was a busy and active term!

Term 4 Theme: “Construction Zone” Science and Technology
Our Science and Technology topics will be integrated. The children will investigate how bridges are designed and constructed. They will be involved in many hands on practical activities and experiments. There will be challenges to design and construct different types of bridges. We will also have a Harbour Bridge challenge. Using their knowledge of bridges, the children will create a prototype of bridge they would you like to see replacing the current Harbour Bridge. We will also have a science focus on Force and Motion, exploring the energy of pushes and pulls. The children will investigate and explore general concepts about simple machines, especially levers and gears. It will provide an excellent opportunity for students to expand their ideas and to investigate innovative solutions to practical problems.

As you are aware the children are registered with Reading Eggspress, an online reading programme. The children are using this as part of their literacy programme and for homework. As you are no doubt aware it is packed with hundreds of interactive reading activities, online children’s books and literacy games. We would strongly encourage you to take the time to sit with your child and have them share this with you and their progress.
This term your child will continue to write texts for a range of purposes. These include recounting, describing, narrating, reporting, arguing, and explaining. Your child is working towards their writing showing how they are thinking about, as well as describing, their experiences and the information that they have got from talking, listening and reading about topics in all areas of the curriculum. You play an important part in supporting your child’s learning. As part of our home school partnership we strongly encourage you to look for opportunities for purposeful writing at home, as well as ensuring your child reads a wide range of fiction and nonfiction texts. It is expected that your child will read at home each night. Reading each night is about encouraging reading mileage and helping your child to develop vocabulary and comprehension knowledge. It is important that this is being completed by each child to support their learning at school.
Poetry Recital Competition
All children in Team 5 will be participating in a class poetry recital competition. Your child will be given a date that they will be presenting their chosen poem to the class. You will receive in your child’s homework book an information sheet which outlines requirements and expectations. If your child needs some assistance with selecting an appropriate poem, please inform your child’s classroom teacher. Winners from our team competition will then progress through to the school poetry finals. The date for the school final is the 26th November. This year our team will be organising and hosting this annual event.

This term our Numeracy Programme will continue to teach and revise Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Proportions and Ratios knowledge and strategies. It is important that your child continues to practise their basic facts for homework, as speed and accuracy will support this programme at school. This term our strand focuses are Measurement and Geometry: Position and Orientation (Mapping skills), Transformations (Symmetry), Time & Temperature, Statistical Thinking: Probability & Investigation.
Physical Education
Our team topic is called Run, Jump, and Throw. This unit is based on Athletics New Zealand’s concept of athletics which has been modified to suit this age group of children. Its focus is on correct fundamental athletics skill development in a progressive, fun and participative environment.
School Athletics
This school-wide event is scheduled for Thursday 15th November with a save day on the 16th November. We are currently providing a skill based programme during our sport and P.E sessions, giving students an opportunity to take part in athletic events.

Team 5 Diploma Ceremony
We would like to invite you to our Team Five Diploma Ceremony and celebrations on Monday the 10th December. We are planning on having our Diploma Ceremony at 9:30 am. Morning tea will be the normal time of 10:40-11:00. This will be followed by games on the field and a swim in the school pool. An invitation to all families will be sent home closer to the event, with more specific details and information regarding times.
As always thank you for your support, whether it be helping with homework, discussing school with your child, coming in and helping out, or encouraging them in the background. We always appreciate your time. We have all had a most enjoyable year working with your children and we are all looking forward to a happy and productive term. If you have any concerns or queries about anything in this newsletter or anything regarding your child, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.
Kind Regards
Michaela Nicol (Team Leader)

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