Another term has flown by made that little bit easier once summer finally arrived! The staff and students have been hard at work, both inside and outside the classroom.  It has been a busy term for parent-help also – if we miss mentioning you below the Board sincerely thank those of you who have helped with the smooth running of both big and small events.

Outdoor Education

camp1                    camp2                    camp3

A key focus for our Year 4-6 students this term has been education outside of the classroom.  Year 6 enjoyed another successful camp at Tui Ridge Camp, Rotorua, while the Year 4’s and 5’s took part in activities around the city that ranged from bush walks to climbing Rangitoto, MERC and tree-climbing.   Alongside this we have had the Waterwise programme running. We thank all the parents that took time out of their busy weeks to help with these activities.   Without you these activities wouldn’t be possible.

New Playground

playgroundThose of you with children in Year 1 and 2 would have seen the new playground that was installed over the summer holiday.  The children have made good use of this new piece of equipment.  If you haven’t seen it yet pop your head into the Year 1 courtyard and take a look.

One piece of fantastic news is that the old junior playground (with new posts etc) has been packed up and shipped to Samoa. The playground company asked if we would mind recycling our playground for those children less fortunate than ours and they would arrange to send it to children in Samoa and we readily agreed. The Rotary Club of Mt Eden have sponsored the cost of transport – approximately $2,000.00.  The playground is going to the preschool in Lalomanu village where a lot of the tsunami damage occurred, fortunately the preschool was not damaged but many of the families in the community suffered the loss of loved ones and friends.  Hopefully they enjoy the playground as much as our students did.

Community Spirit

Thanks also to all of you who took part in the Shore-to-Shore walk.  We had an impressive 300+ entries and along with the achievement of having completed the event all those that entered helped earn Glamorgan school sports gear.  Mrs Spanhake will certainly be looking forward to restocking the PE shed and buying some new equipment for class PE.


Thanks to those of you who have been responsible pool-users over summer.  We have had an event free season and we appreciate your help in this.  The pool is now closed so please make sure you return your key to the office by 22nd May in order to get your $15 refund.

Alongside this the pool has been central to the school Physical Education programme and with the help of Swim Bus our students were given the chance of having swimming lessons in their school environment.  We hope those of you that took the opportunity to utilize this programme saw some benefit in both your child’s confidence and ability around water.

Donations and FOTS

You will no doubt have seen one our many sincere requests for school donations to be paid.  We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for another great response and remind you that there is still plenty of time to pay any outstanding donations for the year – we aren’t fussy when they come in … just that they do!  We truly thank those of you who have paid your donation and encourage you to continue to do so!

We have previously pointed out that many of the features that make Glamorgan a school of choice actually come from school donations – NOT the government.  This year, with the help of the FOTS, we have used some of the money to purchase our fabulous new junior playground as well as replace computer hardware, data projectors etc, with a highlight being the purchasing of 96 notebooks.  These will be spread across the various year levels with individual teams being able to use them as best suits their needs and programmes.   Without donations and fundraising, purchases such as these are just not possible so thanks very much!

Winter Sports

We wish our school winter sports teams all the best for their up-coming seasons.  Well done to all of our students that have joined a team, particularly if it is for the first time – we hope you have fun and learn about the importance of practice and teamwork.  Remember that you and your parents are representing our school.  Wear your uniforms with pride and please behave in a way that reflects well on our school.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the parents who have put their hands up to coach and manage our teams.  We know that you are all busy with your normal routines and jobs and we appreciate the time and energy that you are willing to put into these teams.

As always we thank our wonderful staff who make the job of the Board so much easier!  As parents we are lucky to have keen, hard-working staff who strive for excellence in all aspects of their job.  This makes a huge difference to the day-to-day lives of our children.  Please take a moment to thank your child’s teacher for their hard work. 

Make the most of the upcoming break.   Warm up those Hot Cross Buns, hunt for Easter eggs (yum yum!) and enjoy the odd sleep-in!  See you back ready for a new term on the 20th of April.

Your Board of Trustees is made up of:
Janet Pinchen: Principal                                             Chris Lane                                             Irene Wirtenberger

Angela Wilson:  Staff Rep                                           Raewyn Pevreal                                     Jenny  Thomas

Richard Beechey: Chairperson                                  Contact us via the school office.