Dear Parents and Caregivers,
We would like to extend a warm welcome to parents and students who are new to Glamorgan Primary School and to our returning families. We hope that you have had a relaxing and happy summer holiday and look forward to working alongside you and your children during the 2015 school year.

This year, Team Two consists of four classes. Miss Lou Bellehewe will be teaching in room 6, Mrs Nicola Couch in room 7, Mrs Katie Barnett in room 10 and Mrs Kim Wannenburg in room 11.
The initial integrated studies concept for the year is ‘All In Together’. Team Two students will focus on developing the knowledge and understanding required to work effectively as members of a team through the following contexts:

• Healthy communities and environments/relationships with other people (Health)
• Understanding how belonging to groups is important for people/people have different roles and responsibilities as part of their participation in groups (Social Science)
• Considering what social animals/insects can teach people about teamwork (Science)

We would like to give the students the experience of observing the way bees work together for the good of their group. A small, fully contained hive (two sealed, Perspex fish-tanks, joined with a tube, allowing movement from the ‘hive’ to the ‘foraging’ area) is available for use in the classroom setting for this purpose. Although this is a very safe way to observe bees in action, we would appreciate it if you could please let the appropriate teacher know if your child has an allergy to bee stings.

Refining ‘self-management’ skills will be an area of particular focus for our Year Two students. They will be expected to work towards developing a greater sense of independence and responsibility for themselves and their learning by:
• organising themselves
• making sensible choices
• accepting learning challenges
• working to the best of their ability

Literacy programmes will focus on developing the skills needed for:
• Oral Language: listen actively and convey spoken ideas clearly.
• Reading: read, respond and think critically about texts.
• Writing: plan, compose and improve ideas.
• Viewing: retrieve and interpret relevant information from a variety of visual texts.
• Presenting: organise and present information coherently.

Classes are timetabled to visit the library once per week. Books must be taken home in a book-bag and either returned or renewed within a two-week period please. The computer programme used for the issuing of books will not allow students to continue to take out books should there be any outstanding items.  Mathematics programmes will be based around statistics, number and measurement. Algebra plays an integral part in all aspects of mathematics.

Needs based literacy and numeracy groups will be introduced in week two.

The physical education programme centres on water safety. Students will take part in a concentrated two-week swimming programme in the school pool beginning Monday of week 2. Please ensure that swimming gear is brought to school each day for the duration of these lessons. Later in the term there will be a focus on a component of Kiwisport.

The Arts programme for this term will focus on developing skills in music and visual art.

Homework provides a valuable independent learning opportunity for students. The aim is for students to practise and consolidate skills utilised in the classroom programme with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy. The format of our homework aims to ensure that the individual needs of each student in the team are met effectively. Tasks have therefore been designed to cater for a range of ability levels. A high standard is encouraged in this aspect of independent learning and we thank you for the support you give to your child in this area.  Please expect homework from the beginning of week three. Homework requirements will be pasted into homework books and may consist of basic facts, essential spelling words and reading. Requirements may vary from class to
class. Spelling is a written skill and must therefore be practised in written form. Students will be expected to read on a daily basis.

The value of the homework and the learning for the student comes from when he/she is actually engaged in the task.

Immediate feedback and support from parents is important here, hence we ask that where appropriate you check the homework with your child. Teachers will monitor and acknowledge rather than correct the homework.  We appreciate that there will be times when your child is unable to complete the homework due to other commitments.  Please remember that the children work hard at school and therefore need time to relax at home too.

Members of quality learning communities draw strength from their ability to collaborate and support each other in a variety of contexts while developing and extending skills and key competencies. There will be opportunities for students to participate in and contribute to a range of extra curricula activities throughout the year such as the culture club, sports teams and music groups.

As we continue to enjoy the beautiful hot summer weather, it is vital that the students wear sun-block and bring their named sunhats and water bottles every day.
School begins at 9.00am. Between 8.30 and 8.40am children need to come in to class and get ready for the day, then they are free to pop out to play. Children should not come to school before 8.15am.

We maintain a commitment to reducing the amount of rubbish generated in the school environment on a daily basis and request that students continue to take home any food wrappings or leftovers.

To help us to reduce the amount of lost property we ask that clothing be named and encourage students to put anything they take off during the day into their school bag.

We currently have enrolled at our school a number of students who have a severe allergy to peanuts, we therefore request that products containing peanuts do not come to school.

Please refer to the school website for the weekly newsletter which gives details regarding whole school events and key dates.

Thank you for the generous offers to assist with various aspects of classroom programmes. Your support is very much appreciated. Teachers will be in touch as required.

It is important to keep the home/school partnership alive for the benefit of your child and their learning.

Should you have any queries or concerns throughout the year, please contact the class teacher in the first instance.

Our email addresses are listed below.
Kind regards
Mrs Nicola Couch (Team Leader)
Miss Lou Bellehewe
Mrs Katie Barnett
Mrs Kim Wannenburg