Team Three Newsletter for Term Three

Welcome back to school for Term 3.

The topic for our inquiry this term is Buildings and Construction. We start with exploring the subject broadly; sharing our prior knowledge and discovering new information. From there we narrow down our focus depending on what intrigues us and what questions are paramount. As you can imagine, anything to do with construction is going to lend itself nicely to the strands of Mathematics; particularly measurement and geometry. The physical world of Science and the practical application of Technology feature strongly also.

Sharing photos and talking to your child about experiences your family has of a special structure or building, or of building and renovating, would be helpful to support their vocabulary and general understanding. It also connects the learning to real life situations that have meaning for them.

We have a focus on spelling this term. This is in line with the spellathon which is a school fundraiser.  Spelling lists will come home soon.

Every week many items of clothing accumulate at school and the children are not recognising what belongs to them. At the end of the term all lost property goes into the clothing bin. If there is a name on the label or somewhere we can find the owner.

On Friday the twenty first of August it is our turn to host the school assembly. You are most welcome to attend.

We are fortunate to have been invited to a production put on by Kristen School. This will be in the first week of September. There will be a small cost to cover the bus but for the show. A permission slip will be sent home later.

The following week, which is week eight, we have the school wide art festival so we will be busy creating our masterpieces to show you.  This is also the week for our book fair.

You are hopefully all familiar with our class pages now. This is an important document for information between home and class. It contains such things as links to web sites for learning, homework and information files. The class page is specific to each class. Let us know if you are having problems accessing this. This term we open Cabu to the community. This is a new forum for sharing work and communicating information. With both these sites, we teachers are learning new technology so it is a little frustrating but very exciting.

As always, we appreciate the support you give to us and your commitment to encouraging learning at home.  Practising basic facts in mathematics and continuing to read and discuss stories and articles with your children consolidates knowledge. Using real life contexts to work with fractions, geometry and measurement (time, money, length, mass, capacity), offer opportunities that cannot be replicated in school.

Further information on events and on how to support learning at home, is available on the school website.


Robyn Bennett   (Room 21)

Mary Harrison   (Room 19)

Sue Hobin           (Room 20)

Anna Palmer      (Room 22)