Once again the year is flying by and it has been another positive and busy term for our children and teachers as they have launched themselves into a variety of learning experiences – even if they were wearing their pyjamas! We would also like to welcome all the new families who have started this term.

The school cross country was run this term – no doubt many of you had to wash a fair bit of Glamorgan School mud from clothes that week! Thanks to the staff for this well run event. From our school event an inter-school cross country team was selected and ran their hearts out to gain us second place in the School Team section. Congratulations to those of you who made the team. You all did an amazing job at representing Glamorgan School.

Home improvements
We have decided to upgrade the large school noticeboard at the end of the hall so watch out for a fantastic electronic sign to be installed this term. We have also decided to install air conditioning units in each classroom so that your children can be more comfortable in their learning environment. We are in the process of getting all this approved by the Ministry but we would hope you will begin to see some evidence of these by the end of Term 3. Some classes may end up having to wait as we are also looking at doing some building work and therefore will hold off on those classrooms until the upgrades are done.

A HUGE thank you to FOTS
A special thanks goes to our wonderful FOTS team who have been very busy this term getting people to dress up! Another successful disco was held this term and what a fantastic group of ‘legends’ turned out to boogie the night away.
Alongside this the annual Quiz night was a hit with the adults with a huge turn-out and a record breaking amount of $13,000 being raised. Thanks to all of you who showed your support! We really do appreciate it. It has been decided that this money will go towards the purchasing of 60 new iPads for the school so that each classroom will permanently have four tablets/iPads.

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Drop-off Zone – again …
This issue is rearing its head again as we are under constant scrutiny of our neighbours, the council and the police. Although we hate to talk about negative things there comes a point where we can’t avoid it. Firstly, thanks to those of you who use this correctly – you are awesome and we really appreciate it! It makes a huge difference to the traffic flow if you move on if your child isn’t there.
However we still have issues with some caregivers refusing to move which has caused upset for our neighbours and those who use the road such as buses and work vehicles. Please use the Drop-off Zone correctly – a flyer will come home at the beginning of Term 3 to explain how to do this.

In an effort to curb public complaints about the blocking of Glamorgan Drive we have done some investigations into how other schools operate their Drop-off Zones. Having sifted through various options it has been decided that if we can’t get the traffic under control, particularly in the afternoons, that we will follow the lead of other local schools and will close the school gates at 2:50 and not open them again until 3:10pm. That way all the children will be down from their classrooms and waiting for pick-up. This will speed up the process as cars will not be allowed to queue on the road as that is a traffic offence so the public will still be able to continue down Glamorgan Drive and our staff hopefully will not be verbally abused anymore! As employers we take that seriously and we will not allow our staff to be bullied in this manner.

Again we ask that you think about waiting a little longer to pick your children up – particularly if you know they are slow at arriving. We also suggest that you try picking your children up from another point rather than the Drop-off Zone. Particularly if you have older children. There are several safe areas that they can walk to within 5 minutes – often the same length of time it takes you to crawl up Glamorgan Drive and through the Drop-off Zone. Thelma Ave and Geoffrey Road are both an easy and safe walk from the school, and there is plenty of parking for you to wait for their arrival. Again this buys you a few extra minutes before you need to pick them up. Bonus!
We are really lucky to have a space off road where our kids are safe. Let’s use it properly.

glamorgan 4Finish on a high note!
We thought you might like to see our old junior playground installed and in use at Lalomanu preschool
in Samoa. It was a fantastic recycling project!

Our wonderful students!
The board wanted to make a special mention our wonderful students. Each meeting we get a report from a staff member regarding an area of the school, it could be cultural, academic, testing etc. Each month we are blown away with the work your children are doing. We are lucky to have keen learners who, on the whole, try their best. They work really hard to do their best. We also love how they get involved with sports, clubs, Enrichment Days, Choirs, charitable events like Jammies in June. Please thank your children on our behalf for helping to create such a fantastic school and encourage them to keep it up!

Watch out for details of the annual ‘athon’ in Term 3, this is a key fundraiser for the year and is something that all students can be involved in. As always we thank the parents that gave their time this term. Whether it is helping at the Disco, taking a sports team, volunteering to help on a school trip, even if only giving the teachers a smile or positive word, as a Board we appreciate it all. We would also like to thank our awesome staff. On behalf of the parent community we would like to thank you for all the work you have done with our kids this term. We hope you enjoy the upcoming holiday. Let’s hope the weather co-operates!

Your Board of Trustees is made up of:
Janet Pinchen: Principal                                             Chris Lane                                             Irene Wirtenberger

Angela Wilson:  Staff Rep                                           Raewyn Pevreal                                     Jenny  Thomas

Richard Beechey: Chairperson                                  Contact us via the school office.