A busy, and wet, term comes to a close.  The staff and students have been hard at work, both inside and outside the classroom.  It has been a busy term for parent-help also – if we miss mentioning you below The Board sincerely thank those of you who have helped with the smooth running of both big and small events. 


What a spelling success!

Once again we had a fantastic response to the annual a-thon, raising over $10,000!  Thanks to the students for all their hard work and to the parents for helping your children both learn their spelling words and find their sponsors.  We are so lucky to have a supportive community and as a Board we have earmarked the money raised to go towards putting extra students through the Reading Recovery programme, extra teacher aide time throughout the classrooms and increasing the number of iPads that we have available in classrooms.


Art Festival

Special mention must be made of the recent Art Festival. What a wonderful display of artwork we were treated to!  We hope you all took the opportunity to look at the masterpieces created by our clever students.   It was a great way to see our children’s artistic talents and it showed what a wonderful array of art styles our students are introduced to over the different year groups.  A special mention must be made of those that helped to put the show together – we truly appreciate your efforts.


Sign on

You won’t have been able to miss the new electronic sign that was installed during the term.  This is a vast improvement on our previous sign and has made it easier to share quick messages between school and home.


Sharing the Learning

Hopefully many of you took the opportunity to share in your child’s learning.  These evenings have become regular fixtures in our reporting year and offer a chance for your children to do more than just show you their classroom.  It is important that students can talk about their learning across the curriculum, what they are currently working on and their next steps or goals to achieve the next stage in their learning. Involving children in this way is important for their knowledge and understanding of why they learn, how they learn and what relevance this learning has for them.   Hopefully it helps you to also keep pace with what is going on.


Winter Sport

Congratulations to the winter sports teams for all the time and effort they put into playing their best in their chosen sports.  At the same time we want to thank the coaches and managers of these teams.  We appreciate everything you have done to help encourage Glamorgan students to succeed.   A couple of success stories were our Year 6 Basketball Team winning at the Northern Bays Cluster Sports Day and our Year 5/6 girls Rippa Rugby team playing, and winning, the curtain raiser to open the New Zealand Women’s International Rugby Tournament.  The girls loved running out onto QBE Stadium!   We look forward to hearing more success stories from those of you taking part in spring and summer sports!


School donations

It is also an opportune time to extend a sincere thank you to the families that have contributed to the schools operation with your school donation.  Many of you have taken advantage of our different payment options to contribute.  These are much-needed funds that directly contribute to the shortfall in our operational grant to deliver the expected education standard for all our children.  If you have not got round to organising payment for this year it isn’t too late – we will gratefully receive donations at any time of the year!


School Pool

As the weather warms up it is time to think about summer again.  We will not be increasing the price of the keys this year so they will remain at $120 plus a $20 key bond.  This is great value for money with the season starting on 30th November and running through to 1st April. As we did last year we will only sell keys to current school families for the first two weeks to ensure that school families get the first option.  We will of course be limiting this to only one key per family.  Keep an eye on the school newsletter for the dates the keys will be available.


Watch out …

There will be some maintenance work being carried out on the guttering over the holidays, along with the installation of the air conditioning units we have mentioned previously.  Please ensure that you keep away from the areas where we have outside contractors working.


Coming up …

Another busy term is on the way.  Athletics Day training is underway, plus we will have the end of year celebrations and graduation ceremonies to look forward to.

As always we thank the parents that gave their time this term.  Whether it be helping at the Book Fair, taking a sports team, volunteering to help on a school trip, you all help make Glamorgan School what it is.

Don’t forget to visit the Ice Skating rink that is being set up in the school hall from Friday 25th to Wednesday 30th September – it sounds like great value and as it is a fundraiser for the school it is a win-win – you help us raise funds to spend on extra improvements and you tire out your children so you can have a quiet afternoon!  If you haven’t seen the details check out the flyer and don’t forget that food and drink will be available for purchase.

 We wish you all a safe and happy holiday.  Hopefully the All Blacks will keep on winning and we look forward to seeing you back next term.


Your Board of Trustees is made up of:
Janet Pinchen: Principal              

Richard Beechey: Chairperson                               

Chris Lane                                            

Irene Wirtenberger

Angela Wilson:  Staff Rep                                          

Raewyn Pevreal                                    

Jenny  Thomas

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