Term 4, 2015


Welcome back to the last term for 2015. This term always goes so quickly and before we know it the children are visiting their next teacher and we are handing over files. In the mean time we continue to enjoy the relationships that have built a community of learning over the year.

During the next few weeks teachers will be writing reports. These will come home at the end of the term. So far throughout their school years, the children have been assessed according to the number of weeks they have been at school. Accordingly, the report you get this term will reflect the child’s progress towards their next standard and take into consideration how much time they have before the end of their next full school year.  Some students will have completed three years at school and be working towards the Year Four standard. Many will be close to the end of three years at school while others are closer to two years. This changes next year because weeks at school are no longer taken into account. Instead children are assessed as Year Four students.

Enrichment mornings are this Friday and Friday the 30th October. Children have chosen the activities they are most interested in and have then been placed with the intent of giving them as many of these choices as we can. These mornings allow children to mix across age groups and try out new activities.

We are starting to practise our running, throwing and jumping, in readiness for Athletics Day. Although we practise together, Athletics Day is different for seven year olds and eight year olds. Seven year olds take part in the junior activities with more emphasis on fun games as well as competitive sprint running. If birthdays fall around the day we can let a keen seven year old compete with the eight year olds. Junior athletes perform on Thursday the 12th  of November with Friday being the save day if it rains. Seniors are scheduled for Wednesday the 18th with Thursday as the save day. More information will be in the newsletters.

This term we have a school wide focus on poetry. All students will choose a poem to present to their class. Class finalists present to the team and team finalists present to the whole school. With this in mind it is time to start searching for a poem to memorise. Points are awarded on voice for expression and clarity and on appropriate use of props and gestures.  Choosing the poem and practising the presentation is part of homework but is also supported in class.

Housekeeping matters:

  • Sunhats are compulsory in Term Four.
  • The cost of a new writing/maths book is 90c purchased from school.
  • If you have a stray library book you may want to do a search as all books need to be returned by December the second.
  • Likewise any readers that have not found their way back to school are desperately needed to insure we have enough for a group. We spend a great deal of money buying books each year and they are precious to us.

We thank you for your support in school and by supporting learning at home. The difference you can make for your child by discussing ideas, reading and practising maths regularly at home is considerable. This is so for students at any level of achievement. It also shows that learning is something your family value as part of everyday life and not just at school.  On that note you may like to try a free app that gives a story and a maths quiz (at different levels). It is called ‘bedtime math’. The logo is blue with a moon and stars. It could make a nice change from the usual bedtime story, a quick shared time when you have a few moments or the start to further investigations.

With our class pages and the new Cabu hub we are sending home less information with the children. Hunting through book bags is moving to a click on the web. 

As usual we are available on email or by contacting the office.   Please note that the answer phone in Room 21 does not work. Messages left can’t be accessed.

We look forward to a happy and productive term.


Robyn Bennett (Room 21)

Mary Harrison  (Room 19)

Sue Hobin          (Room 20)

Anna Palmer      (Room 22)