Team 1 Newsletter Term 4 2015

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome back! The last term of the year is a very busy time with many different events happening both school wide and in Team 1. Please read each week’s school newsletter, your class homework sheet and the notice boards so you don’t miss any of the important dates.

Parent Help in Classrooms
We welcome parent help in a variety of ways, so if you have some spare time and would like to help out, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher. Your child’s teacher will put individual requests on the bottom of each week’s homework sheet.

We find email contact with parents an effective way to keep in touch, especially those who are not able to visit the school regularly. We encourage you to email us. Please email us a short message so we can create a class list to help us with contacting everyone.

Room 1 Mrs Kirsty Hewitt
Room 2 Miss Brooke Sandford
Room 3 Mrs Steph Masefield
Room 4 Mrs Jo Barker
Room 5 Mrs Jean Bagshawe
Room 23 Mrs Pam Bayer
Mrs Angela Stoffberg

Overview of Topics of Study For This Term:
Our school wide theme is ‘Discoveries’. In Team 1 we will be focusing on observing, asking questions and making connections in Science and our world: particularly looking at gardening, plants, insects, growing our own vegetables and what happens to food after it is harvested.
Events to watch out for this term include: Enrichment Days (October 16 and 30) Athletics (Juniors 12th November), School Poetry Competition (December 3rd), Reports home (December 10th), last day of school (December 17th at 1pm)

Every child will have some reading homework each night. This will include poems, graded readers, library books and ‘own choice’ books. We ask that you hear your child read every day and that the children return their book bags daily. The children will not bring home a new reader unless the previous day’s book has been returned. We also will send home regular basic fact learning (wizard cards) and sight words to read and spell (rocket words). Practising basic facts, sight words and regularly used spelling words every night will help your child progress in maths, reading and writing. Your child may also have an alphabet or chunks book to practise each night.
Handwriting is also an area many children need to practise daily in order that their letter formation is correct and automatic.

At this time of year layers of clothing is the way to go. We would appreciate it if you could put your child’s name on their clothing, including hats and shoes (where possible) and on lunch boxes and drink bottles. This helps with reducing the amount of lost property at our school. We encourage all the children to put anything they take off straight into their bags or bag hooks and would appreciate your support with this. Sunhats are compulsory this term.

Year 1 is a NUT FREE ZONE due to having children with severe and life threatening allergies. This includes nut based spreads and other nut products. We have other children in our team with allergies to foods and food products (citrus, egg, gluten, dairy) which can be either when eaten OR by skin contact. These allergies are not life threatening but unpleasant and at times painful for the child and their family. Please teach your children NOT to share food and to wash their hands after eating these products to avoid skin to skin contact. We encourage healthy options for morning tea and lunches. Yoghurt is best kept for home as often it spills throughout lunchboxes. Please do not send lollies or chocolates etc. to school. We are a rubbish free school which means that all rubbish from lunches will be taken home in lunchboxes. Please send a water bottle to school each day for your child.

Thank you for your continued support in getting the children to school by our 8.55 am start. It is helpful for the children to be well organised before the bell goes – putting reading books away, lunch orders in the basket, using the bathroom etc.

After school Pick Up:
We try to keep the children working right through to the end of the day. Please help your children make the most of the learning time and wait outside, away from the classes. Organising a meeting place such as the playground, a familiar tree or pathway will help grow independence also. If you are using the drop off zone, please be aware this is a no stopping zone. Your child needs to know how to put on their own seatbelt and to watch for your car.

This term is 10 weeks long. Many children find it difficult to remain focused (especially when Santa parades and Christmas decorations appear in our community). We ask that you keep children in routines which will help them continue to learn. The summer holiday break is a long one and we will be continuing to provide learning opportunities right up to the end of the year so as not to add to the length of time away.

Many thanks from us all for your on-going interest and support. Please don’t hesitate to come and see us or email us if you would like to discuss anything.

Kind regards
Kirsty Hewitt, Brooke Sandford, Jo Barker, Jean Bagshawe, Pam Bayer, Angela Stoffberg and Steph Masefield (Team Leader)