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A very warm welcome to Team Three


This letter is in addition to the information on the main school pages, to tell you a little about our team. The school newsletter and website are your other “go to” sites for information.

This year there are three classes in Team Three. We are grouped together as Rooms 20, 21 and 22. This layout lends itself to some sharing and collaborating between classes although each room has a set class and teacher.


Our first goal for 2016 is to build a sense of community where children feel secure and motivated to learn. This involves students, teachers and whanau. Learning is not something that happens within the school walls alone. We recognise and value the abundance of learning that comes from the culture of the home and look forward to working with you to ensure the best for your child. Using the email addresses at the bottom of this newsletter, we encourage you to email us a brief note about your child, telling us what you see as their strengths and weaknesses and especially what they are passionate about. Include any concerns that they may have. Children often interact differently at school than at home but this would be a helpful start. Many of you have already done this.


How you can help make learning a community affair:  Let us know what languages you speak and what you can share in ways of culture and sharing of experiences. We would love to have a list of people we can invite in to share particular knowledge or experiences. Let us know of resources that you have access to, e.g. we are often on the look out for paper, cardboard, plumbing off-cuts etc.  Sometimes we are reading about or studying something that you may have specialist or hobby knowledge of and we might miss an opportunity to invite you to share. 


On Thursday 11th February at 5.45 pm, you are invited to your child’s class to meet the teacher. This is a time to hear general information about how the class operates, rather than specific information for each child, as we are still getting to know them. It is also a time to chat with other parents. If you are new to the school you may like to let the teacher know so we can introduce you to other parents. If you are not able to attend, please email us so that we can at least send a few notes out to you.  This is not a time for children to be in the class although they often play outside.


The very first assembly of 2016 is our responsibility so we have a challenge early on but also a team building experience. You are most welcome to come along. It is on Friday, February 19th, at 1.30 pm.  There is a jungle theme. We will be asking the children to bring any animal masks, or costumes they own but please do not go and buy anything. It is not a grand production.


Each class has its own class internet page which students and parents are encouraged to use at home as it links in with homework and has class information. If you, or your child, do not have access to the internet please let the classroom teacher know.


In addition, we have this Glamorgan Hub site where students will post work from time to time. Please give feedback to celebrate their efforts and encourage them.


The email address on the bottom of this letter will get through to the class teacher. It is the one to use when sending a message or replying to an email from us when the administration system will not  let you push the reply button.  If you have an urgent message please phone the office on 473 6453 as teachers are often on duty or busy at lunchtime and we don’t look at emails when teaching.


Starting in a new class in the heat of February after a long holiday is very tiring and can be an anxious time. The children are adjusting to work again and trying to take in new routines and social situations. It usually doesn’t take long until we all bond as a class. The best way to help your child settle in is to speak positively about the experience and ensure your child gets plenty of sleep.


Swimming for our team starts in Week 4. Your classroom teacher will advise the time. We encourage you to take advantage of the lessons from the Swimbus instructors. Compared to other private lessons they certainly offer value for money. Teachers do not get in the pool when instructing students and we do not have the experience of these professionals. See the school newsletter and


Last year was the first year that children in Team 3 were offered Mathletics. It was extremely successful from our point of view as the children enjoyed it and results were easily accessible for them, for teachers and for parents. Teachers set tasks appropriate to the needs of the students and the work is done at home and school. Mathletics is one of the ways our students acquire skills in mathematics. It effectively compliments the teaching programme. Payment details are on the website.



Robyn Bennett         Room 21 

Sue Hobin                 Room 2o

Anna Palmer             Room 22