Welcome back to Term 2.  We hope you made the most of the unseasonable weather!   As always our students have started the term with a bang and everyone is busy with new topics and looking forward to events such as the visit from the Life Education mobile classroom, the school cross country and school discos run by our fabulous Friends of The School group.

Board of Trustees Election coming this term!

The national Board of Trustees elections will be held this term and nominations open tomorrow Friday 6th May and close at midday on Friday 20th May.

There are several things we would like share with you in this edition of The Glamorgan Goss in regards to joining the Board of Trustees.  Please take the time to read through the information and improve your awareness of the role of Boards in general.

Governance vs Management

One thing that we would like to highlight is the fact that being involved on the Board is a matter of governance as opposed to management.  The Board is responsible for setting the school’s strategic direction in consultation with parents, staff and students, and it ensures that the school provides a safe environment and quality education for all its students.   Boards are also responsible for overseeing the management of personnel, curriculum, property, finance and administration.  However, we are not responsible for the day-to-day running of the school and the programmes that are run in the classrooms or what time the bell should ring for lunch!  It is our job to ensure that as a school we meet all our legal requirements and that we have an expert running the place.  We are lucky to have an excellent principal who often goes above and beyond the call of duty and a dedicated staff (who are employed by the principal not us!) who always strive for our students to have access to quality programmes.  Our job is to give them the best resources and environment we can for them to use in the best way possible. We might be more than a little biased but we think that Glamorgan has a long standing tradition of having strong Boards.   We truly believe this is an excellent school and that the local children are lucky to have such a brilliant school to attend!

Parent involvement …

Several of our board members will not be re-standing and we have taken the opportunity to get their feedback on being a Board member to better explain the role.

 As a parent who endeavours to take responsibility for my children’s educational needs and to ensure that in their critical development years they receive the best preparation possible for their future education and the best possible attention to their wellbeing whilst in other’s care, I put myself forward to be on the Glamorgan School Board of Trustees.  Over the past two terms this has been a highly rewarding experience, albeit it challenging at times.  As a result of being a member of the Board of Trustees I have had the opportunity to work with the Principal and other Board members to help formulate strategic planning that ensured high quality curriculum delivery, the financial stability of the school and help improve upon the facilities that our children spend a large proportion of their life in and around while they are at school.  Obviously there has been some time and effort involved, but this has been far outweighed by looking back at what has been achieved for the children and wider community over the past few years.  Given my own experiences as a Board member, I encourage other parents to put aside any doubts or concerns that they may have about being in a position of responsibility for our school’s future success and put themselves forward to help keep Glamorgan School at the forefront of the North Shore’s learning facilities. 


As a mother of three children I have had a child at Glamorgan School for the last 12 years.  This meant that the long-term quality of academic education and the wider experience my children would receive at Glamorgan School was important.  I saw joining the Board as an opportunity to ensure that not only my children but all children, both present and future, got the best education that we as a community and school could offer.  I also felt that my background as a secondary school teacher gave me some understanding of the demands on the teaching staff and the various aspects of what a school can offer.  It was also something that I could do to support the school that fitted into a busy, working Mum’s life! 

I have totally enjoyed my two terms on the Board.  For me, the time spent at meetings (and a small amount of time outside of these) has given me the opportunity to see ‘behind the scenes’ of the running of a school.  Perhaps a list of some of the things this Board has been involved in would help you understand more about the role? Among a lot of other things we have: approved school charters, been interviewed by ERO, had monthly reports from the principal regarding rolls/staffing/professional development etc, monthly budget reports, checked through all school policies, had various key staff members present what is going on in their given area, approved the purchase of tractors/pool covers/computers and iPads/Mimios/playground matting/refurbishing of classrooms/building of new learning areas etc, dealt with the council regarding traffic, run parent surveys, discussed uniforms (a lot!), sorted drainage, security lighting and the list goes on … !   In a nutshell it is a broad and varied role which is made so much easier by having a hard working principal at the helm and an excellent staff. 

Key informationBOT

If you have further questions on the voting procedures please contact the School’s Returning Officer Sara Quinn on (09) 473 6453.

We hope that this information will encourage you to think about standing for the upcoming elections.  If nothing else, we hope that you are now more aware of the process of voting and the role of the Board.  Please ensure you take the opportunity to send in your voting papers on time.  This is your chance to have a say in who will represent you and your children for the next three years. 


Your Board of Trustees is made up of:

Richard Beechey: Chairperson 

Janet Pinchen: Principal                                            

Angela Wilson:  Staff Representative 

Chris Lane                                            

Irene Gaigg-Wirtenberger

Raewyn Brunton-Pevreal                                    

Jenny  Thomas

Contact us via the school office.