Ever wondered what was the supreme dinosaur of all time? Well I could help you. I have the power to go back in time, and my favorite things to see are dinosaurs. With my help, you could discover the true prehistoric king. (No dinosaurs were hurt in the making of this book. Probably).

Ankylosaurus: Ankylosaurus was a herbivore, but being a herbivore it was really dumb. It would see almost anything as a threat, and sometimes attack its young. It was covered head to tail with thick armor. On the end of its tail was a huge club. Because it was extremely slow, Ankylosaurus needed lots of protection. That made it slower so it needed MORE protection. That made it even slower. And so on and so on.

Allosaurus: Allosaurus was a carnivore. I needed to hunt prey so it was smart. It was a big dinosaur, and needed to eat a lot. Any prey that moved, it would kill. This dinosaur would tear chunks out of its prey with razor-sharp teeth. It was just the right size to run fast, and would pursue its prey for long distances.

That is all you need to know about these two dinosaurs. 3! 2! 1! FIGHT!!!

Dino fight I: Allosaurus v Ankylosaurus

The Allosaurus charged at its armored opponent. But its teeth slid of the Ankylosaur’s scales, harmlessly. The Ankylosaur bellowed, stepped back, and swung its mighty club. The Allosaurus ducked, and the club swung overhead. It smashed the rocky floor. The Anklosaurus swung again, and this time it hit the Allosaur in the jaw with a sickening crunch. The Allosaur spat out 3 knife sized teeth; each one cracked, and covered with blood. The Ankylosaurus swung once again and collided with the Allosaurus’ leg.The leg seemed to shatter, and it completely gave way. The Allosaur crashed to the floor. The Ankylosaur turned around, lifted up its tail, and brought it down, sort of like a 3 tonne hammer. The Allosaurus seemed to explode with thick, red blood and bone shrapnel. The Ankylosaurus bellowed loudly, and stomped the ground.

By Dylan

Room 14