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Term 2 – Monday 2nd May to Friday 8th July 2016

Kia ora koutou.  Hello everyone.

Board of Trustees Elections

Firstly thank you to the nine candidates who have put themselves forward for the five parent representative places on our Board of Trustees. It is not every school that has an election as they either have not enough or just the right amount of candidates. The fact we have a group of  parents who are willing to give their time and expertise to help govern the school is greatly appreciated and we wish all of them luck in the election. We encourage you all to use your votes and make sure they are all in or posted by 3rd June at the latest. No late votes will be counted.


This year’s a-thon is a basic-fact-a-thon and on Monday 30th May your child will bring home their Basic Fact-A-Thon sheet and a sponsor sheet. The Basic-Fact-A-Thon was chosen to support the children’s learning in the Number area of Mathematics and was one of the areas across the school that teacher’s felt children needed to work on. The basic facts on the sheet represent the level your child is working on at school and the sheets have been designed to reflect different levels. Please complete the answers with your child and help them practise these basic facts until the test day.

The testing day will be Monday 13 June and children will have until Friday 24 June to gather their sponsorship funds following the testing day. We do not encourage children to go ‘door knocking’ and prefer that you monitor the soliciting of sponsors. Donations are welcomed should you not approve of gaining sponsorship.  We appreciate your assistance in this regard. Please complete the sponsor sheet and send this to school on the test day.

There is a ‘pizza for lunch’ prize for each team across the school to be won.  The winning class in each team will have the highest percentage of children return their sponsor sheet with money. Pizza will be on Tuesday 28th June for the winning classes.

Thank you for supporting the Basic-Fact-A-Thon, raising money for the school and increasing your child/ren’s basic fact knowledge at the same time!

Road Safety Awareness Week

As part of our Travelwise programme, Year 6 students  participated in promoting Road Safety Awareness Week  during Week 3. These students were holding placards containing positive messages which were designed to raise awareness about driving safely near schools. The students taking part were Isabella Elia, Heidi Donaldson, Luke Hadfield, Michael Spear and Anastasia Kostyleva. These students will be involved in campaigns near the beginning of each school term to maintain community awareness about safe driving near schools.  Each day there are high volumes of traffic when children are arriving and leaving school. The situation is sometimes made more hazardous by manoeuvring and parked cars which can obscure visibility. Using the legal speed of 40km/h around schools and demonstrating an awareness of these road safety hazards will help keep our children safe.

Using the pedestrian crossing is always  the safest way for children to cross the road and a reminder that as adults we are the role models, so even when we don’t have children with us we need to still be modelling using the crossing and safe road practices.


DSC00590 (Small)DSC00589 (Small)

Pool Keys – last reminder to receive the $20 deposit return

Tomorrow, 27th May is the last day to return your pool key in order to get back the key deposit of $20. Please note: money will not be given to children.

Celebrating success and achievement – of former students too!

Hi, my name is Cameron and I am a former student of Glamorgan School.  I have been selected to represent NZ at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Switzerland in July.  I am fundraising for the trip and have a family pass for 2 adults and 2 children for return travel on the Northern Explorer train to Wellington, kindly donated by Kiwirail.  The train trip is a fantastic journey through some stunning central North Island scenery.

It is valued at over $800 and I am selling it for $680.  If you are interested please leave your name and number at the office. Thank you.




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