We spent some time exploring the book – The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. The story is about a group of crayons who that their owner (Duncan) is neglecting him, so they write a letter to him explaining how they feel.  We wrote stories about a toy of ours that we may have neglected, and what they may say to us…


Dear Jessica,

Echo here, you know, that adorable toy rabbit you used to play with!  I am writing to you from your baby sister’s bed with LOTS of  dribble on my neck! YUCK! To be honest, I don’t mind her fluffy little cuddles, but I sure do miss your comfortable ‘big’ cuddles! I mean…how would you like your fur to sticky and matted from all the goo coming our of ‘your’ sister’s mouth? GROSS! I’m really fed up! I haven’t seen you in a million years! But yeah, you’re eleven, so right, I get it…you’re kind of ‘over’ the cuddly toy thing. I forgot how old you are…ahh,  I’m so bad at maths.

I am just writing to you to say, that I’ll always be here for you…BUT CAN YOU HURRY UP ALREADY!  I love your baby sister, Mackenzie. However, she needs to cut out the constant, bull dog dribbling, and throwing me from one side of the room to the other like a netball! I am ‘NOT’ a netball! I really miss those races you used to have with me. Remember when you said that I was fast as a cheetah, but you still won all the races?! I never could quite figure that out.

Anyway, pleeeeeeeease rescue me before little Mac starts a big game of netball!

Please? xoxoxo

Love, your ‘soggy’ Echo