In school, and out of school, there are lots of people who like to challenge and bully other people. This hurts the victims’ feelings making them feel horrible and miserable inside. This can result in them not focusing on their work, and being so scared and frightened, they don’t want to tell anyone about what’s happening. This is why I strongly believe schools need to find a solution to stop bullies.

If more schools teach their students how to stand up against bullies and why it’s so important for kids to tell their trusted ones about their problems with bullies; the children would feel a lot more safe and comfortable about going to school. Also, if a school was known to have lots of bullies, this could bring down the school’s reputation.

If bullies don’t get stopped now, there’s no doubt they’ll continue to bully more people throughout their upcoming years. If they’re not stopped in their high school years there is a chance for them to become criminals and to ruin bullytheir lives. New Zealand does not want to raise the number of criminals.

When children get bullied they feel not only sad, miserable, and devastated, but also a mixture of other feelings. They might be so scared of bullies threatening them, they don’t want to tell their parents/caregivers about what’s happening. This can make them feel really horrible inside, resulting in them not focusing on their work, and always being anxious. You wouldn’t like feeling this way would you?

This is why I strongly believe schools need to be more aware of bullies, to help kids feel happier and more comfortable about going to school and feeling comfortable about it!

By Joshua.P