On Tuesday the 15th March the Iditarod race in the streets of Wyoming came to a weird conclusion. Ten year old Willy was happily coming first place when his dog Searchlight a black Samoyed’s heart popped approximately 10 feet away from the finish line. I interviewed Willy to see how he feels about this whole incident.

 “Willy this must be hard for you, to say goodbye to your best friend”

“Yes, it was a big s-s-surprise when the sled just stopped like that, but now I know that he is in a place better than Earth”

Thanks for talking to us and hope you feel better soon”

Apart from Searchlight dying, for the first time in a long time Stone Fox was defeated but he could have let Willy watch him go over the finish line but instead he stayed there and let Willy win. I have downloadinterviewed one of the men who participated in the race.

“How did you feel when you turned that corner and saw Stone Fox standing there with his rifle in his hand and a line in the snow?”

  “I wasn’t quite sure what was going on but when he said “Come past this line and I’ll shoot” I knew he was serious I was coming third until I got stopped”

“And you weren’t scared or anything?”

“No I wasn’t”

“Thank you”

It was definitely a dramatic shocking day for Willy and Stone Fox. The fact that Stone Fox hasn’t talked to white men for a long time it was a big surprise for everyone. Now the mayor is going to decide whether Willy should get the money or not. Here he is.

“Willy definitely should deserve the 500 dollars don’t you think Mayor?”

“Well he does deserve it so I’ll give it to him”

“Willy, what will you do your 500 dollars?”

“Well I am going to pay the taxes for our farm and then keep growing potatoes”

It has been an action packed day here in Wyoming with the race and the dogs and everything. I really enjoyed my time here for sure.