The three crew members were drenched on a boat nowhere near any land at all. It was a stormy day; the waves were as big as mountains splashing onto the giant boat. Suddenly a giant sea creature came out of the water. The three men noticed it straight away. Without hesitation they drew their weapons and started fencing the giant sea creature. The men’s weapons didn’t do anything because the sea creature casually went back under the strong waves. The men put their weapons down on a barrel close to where the sea creature appeared, in case the monster came back.Vikingship

Without warning, the gross slimy sea creature emerged from the wavy ocean yet again. The crew didn’t notice the sea creature this time. It only took them two minutes to spot the huge towering body of the sea creature looking down over the boat. The crew picked up their weapons and started swiping at the creature, but the slimy creature poked a hole in the boat. The boat slowly started to sink.

Whilst the boat was slowly sinking, and the men were freaking out completely, the sea creature appeared. An oblivious crew member was eaten in one gulp. Meanwhile the other crew members did not realise, until the sea creature ate another crew member.  Only the captain noticed, but didn’t show it. He quickly grabbed his weapon. As the creature came down for one more feed, the captain cut the creature’s head off as the boat sank to the bottom of the ocean.

By Callum