Two famous youtubers, Jacksepiceye and Vanossgaming were going to the 2016 YouTube convention in Chicago because they both reached 11 million subscribers. At the airport they found each other and did a quick vlog saying their plane been delayed for two hours, because the plane engine was being w
orked on. It had engine failure.

When they finally got on the plane, they sat in first class. Jacksepiceye was editing his vlog as the plane took off. Three hours into the trip the captain said “We are hitting turbulence, fasten your seatbelt”. Suddenly the engine caught fire and stared to dive. Pieces of the plane began to flake and burn off.  As the plane almost hit the water, they jumped out. Luckily they grabbed on to the pieces of broken plane or they would have drowned.

Using the plane pieces Jacksepiceye and Vanlossgaming kicked their way to an island. When they got to the island Jacksepiceye tried to make a raft but they needed material to make it. Jacksepiceye looked around and found a rusty axe. He tried to cut into a tree but the axe shattered. They  decided to jump on the tree. Finally it snapped. They broke more trees down until they had enough to make a raft.

The next day they launched the raft into the sea. They travelled for one day and one night. In the distance they could see lights. Relieved they paddled as hard as they could. When they landed on the shore they were greeted by people.

Thank goodness we are saved they thought.JackGreenHair