Her scaly body tore a path through the calmness of the lake. Schools of fish quickly parting as they heard the snapping of jaws. Feeling queasy from  lack of food, her eyes pierced the blackness, scanning for unsuspecting prey. Her desperate eyes spot a unwary gazelle. Without a moments hesitation she leaped out of the inky blackness and lunged forward.

She missed and lunged again, all the time chasing the terrified animal. Starting to lose hope, the gazelle began to weaken. As the croc got closer and closer her hunger got bigger and bigger until her stomach started to hurt. With one final burst of energy the croc lunged, this time catching the gazelles leg. Blood making a pool on the already unearthly soil the gazelle struggled to escape her death sentence.

As the gazelle struggled, the sickening sound of bones crunching filled the humid air. The gazelle felt something cold and wet. Slipping deeper and deeper into the icy depths of the pond, fear struck her heart. With one last breath she went under. Before the world went black, her eyes saw rows and rows of deadly crocodile 109yellowish teeth and her blood dripping down. Death had cruelly taken her life.