As we arrived at the airport I became more and more tense. I checked myself in and got in my luminous blue jumpsuit. I spotted an instructor. I read his name tag and knew my time had come, the time to sky dive.

I began the walk out to the plane. We couldn’t board yet though as it was still refueling. But it felt like an interminable wait. The two minute wait felt like two years. Finally, we were departing. At that moment, I wondered if I had made the right decision.

13,000 feet higher, the door opened. I could feel the icy rush of air blow against my pale face. Before I knew it, my feet were dangling in mid-air and with a final push, I was falling like water on a waterfall.

Skydive pictureSoaring like a bird, actually like a flightless bird, I wondered how long until the parachute is let out? I could see the ground and instantly knew I was going to die. Puff!!! What was that sound? I glanced up and saw a parachute. With a sigh of relief, I looked around and saw a blur turn into a scenic view. It was only a couple of seconds before we smacked into the lush green grass.

WOW!!! I had just skydived.


By Chris Hewitt