king_lear[1]Let me tell a story of two kings, one greedy King named Nigel, and another loving King named Jack. They lived in two different castles, but war always raged on between the two kings, because 40 years ago King Nigel had a fight over wanting all the land around him. This particular story has taken place in medieval times.

One night king Nigel made a master plan to bring down King Jack and once and for all. In the middle of the night he gathered all the people and explained why they must fight for his land! A gasp spread through the crowd. The people were horrified, but they knew if they didn’t agree to fight they would be executed.

That very night they trotted off, armed with crossbows and catapults. Half an hour later they were ready to attack. They halted waiting for the command to attack. “ATTACK!” screamed King Nigel.

Suddenly King Jack woke up from the noise of people screaming, and walls crashing. King Jack was so unprepared their army was killed in a matter of seconds.

While the battle was raging on outside King Jack was hiding in his closet. However King Nigel crept into King Jack’s chamber, and swung the door of the closet open. He yanked King Jack onto the hard floor. “Noooo!!” screamed King Jack. King Nigel sliced Jack’s head off.

Three years later King Nigel finally built his dream wall out of the supplies of King Jacks Kingdom, and finally got the land he wanted.img_large_watermarked[1]


By Jayden and Jakob