july Goss

Introducing your new Board

 A majority of the previous Board re-stood and were re-elected. Thank you for your votes of confidence. We welcome Derek Blank and Morag Ward to the Board as our two new parent representatives.  Derek is a sales manager for Select Wealth and Morag has been heavily involved in FOTS and they will be fantastic additions to the team.  Angela Wilson was re-elected as the staff representative and our first duty was to elect Richard Beechey to the position of Chairman of the Board.

We said farewell to Jenny Thomas and Chris Lane, both of whom served two terms (6 years). We wish them all the best and give them a huge thank you on your behalf for the commitment they have shown to Glamorgan School.

Drop-off zone

 Our first item in the newsletter is not the most positive.  Misuse of the drop-off zone by a few parents is still occurring on a daily basis and is completely unnecessary. The majority of our parents use this drop-off zone as intended (thanks!) however it seems that some of you just can’t quite get how the system works!

Our key requests are:

  • If you are parked in the Drop-off Zone at 3pm when the staff arrive they will, with courtesy and respect, ask you to move on. Please show them the same courtesy and respect and do so.  Please exit the drop off zone, turn right and go around the block via Geoffrey and Weatherly Roads.
  • To avoid creating a queue on Glamorgan Drive we suggest that you wait a little longer to pick your children up. Most students don’t arrive at the pick-up point on the dot of 3pm.  Once there they are supervised by staff members, they are more than safe.  If we can spread the arrival of vehicles over the first 10 minutes rather than everyone desperately arriving en masse at 3pm this would help massively with the queuing on Glamorgan Drive.
  • We also suggest that you try picking your children up from another point rather than the Drop-off Zone. Particularly if you have older children.  There are several safe areas that they can walk to within 5 mins – often the same length of time it takes you to crawl up Glamorgan Drive and through the Drop-off Zone.  Thelma Place and Geoffrey Road are both an easy and safe walk from the school, and there is plenty of parking for you to wait for their arrival, as are the back entrances of Danbury Drive and Carnmore Place.  Perhaps your child would enjoy the responsibility of walking this far on their own, or even better, chatting to friends at the end of the day.  Again this buys you few extra minutes before you need to pick them up.
  • Although the major issues are coming in the afternoons can we please also remind you that you are not to leave your vehicle unattended in the Drop-off Zone in the mornings prior to 9.15.

 School Donations (don’t skip this bit – we know you want too!)

 Thank you to all of the parents who have made their donations so far. You see them as a vital part of providing the fantastic experiences we can offer at Glamorgan, a school of choice for many families. We would also like to once again make a plea for outstanding school donations.  We know that the slogan of a ‘free education’ is a popular catch phrase, but we also need to point out that many of the features that make Glamorgan a school of choice actually come from school donations – NOT the government.  If we, as parents, want to offer our children the best state school education possible the fact is that we need to all come together and top up the funds given by the government.

The donations allow us to keep the pool running, upgrade our computers, add extra technology to the Discovery Suite (video cameras, cameras, laptops etc).  We would love to have a school culture where everyone sees the value in donating and we can do even more than we do now if we can get everyone on board. After all it is for YOUR children. Help us continue to create a dynamic, modern environment to ensure your children get the best out of their primary school education.

BOT Survey

The time has come around again for us to send out the BOT Community Survey.   This year we will be using a Google Docs format so that you can fill it in online.  Please watch out for notification that the survey is on the website and we thank you in advance for taking the time to fill it out.

There are some important issues in the survey that we need your feedback on.  One of them is the Year Six Camp.  As many of you will know this is a big highlight for the students however, as with everything, the costs of this camp are rising and although the Board subsidises the camp it is clear that we need a directive from parents that this is still something they value.  Please carefully consider the question referring to School Camp when you fill out the survey. Overall, this survey is an opportunity for you to have a say so don’t miss it!

As always we thank the parents that gave their time this term.  Whether it is helping with fund raising, taking a sports team, volunteering to help on a school trip, even if only giving the teachers a smile or positive word, as a Board we appreciate it all.   We would also like to thank our fantastic staff.  On behalf of the parent community we would like to thank you for all the work you have done with our children this term.