download“Got the camera?” I ask.

“Yeah” Johnny answers.

I am testing him to see how much he`s remembered to pack.

“What about the microphone?” I add.

“Yeah-no” he relied with a sheepish grin on his face.

I knew I had fooled him and beaten him like always.

You see, I work for the local news place which is One News and I report all the storms. When I say ‘storms’, I mean that I report the tornadoes around Auckland and Whangarei and down south as well. You get the idea.

Today though, boy oh boy will it be great. Johnny and I are going to Torbay to look at a category five tornado, it’s pretty bad. Finally we have packed and are now in the car, let the two hours of driving begin.

Soon I get a notification saying that everyone is safely inside their houses ready for the tornado to strike. We finally got to the spot where the tornado was going to hit. Suddenly the wind picked up.  I knew it was coming. Something started to form in the air, the tornado.

All the cameras are set up and ready to catch footage, I just had to connect the microphone to the camera. Finally we were ready but by then the tornado was already fully formed.

“Hello, and welcome to One News at 6:00.  Today we are watching this tornado and what it is doing”.

The tornado is now fully formed and moving towards us. The camera is at a fast speed. Luckily Johnny is holding tightly to the main camera. Now the tornado is two or three feet away. I start to run, so did Johnny. We ran all the way back to the van. When I glanced back the cameras were gone. I was so terrified I thought my heart would rip out of my chest. The tornado reminded me of a crocodile eating its prey in a flash.

Johnny started the engine of the van and slowly started to move forward, but the tornado was gaining on us like a cheetah chasing a gazelle.

In all my years of researching tornadoes I have never seen a tornado like this. A great gust of wind so hard  and then gone just like that. Today was a crazy day; cameras gone, tornado gone and us? Well we we’re gone as well.

By Callum