I stared dreamily out of the kitchen window at the foggy sky. As I was feeling bored, the only thing I could find to do was to stare out at the scenery. The wind was whistling and the rain was pelting down.  From our dining room window we could see right over to a hill about 2km away. At this point I was watching the tiny cars whizzing up and down the main road. Suddenly, my eyes got drawn to that hill. My eyes bulged out of my head. I froze still. I wanted to run, or just…… just, do anything to get away. But, my body was stuck, frozen! Emerging over the hill, came a massive whirling tube of wind. A tornado! After a few seconds, which seemed like hours, I reacted. The tornado was approaching, and fast. Then… it struck.

Without warning, a massive truck got flung out of the tornado and came spinning towards me. It shattered the window and fell into our back-garden. I scuttled away into one of the kitchen cupboards. It happened to be the one with the chocolate cake. I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. My parents had gone to have afternoon tea together, so I was home-alone.  The roaring of the wind was getting louder, and louder.  Soon I felt a slight tug. In a matter of seconds I was being lifted into the air, still squeezed inside the box. I can’t explain what it felt like, it was like I was in a dream! Soon I was getting sucked through the kitchen window, like a piece of dust through a vacuum cleaner.

downloadIt was sort-of fun, despite the fact that I was in a tornado! I didn’t know exactly where I was, but I knew I was moving away from home. The chocolate cake was getting flung in my face, I couldn’t help but lick my lips. There was nothing I could do but wait. So waiting I did. After about five minutes it felt as though the wind might’ve died down a bit. Without any warning, I was falling, falling, and falling. The wind was whistling as I dropped, I braced myself for my last moment of life, or so I thought. Suddenly, there was a deafening splash.

I was in the ocean.Water started leaking into the cupboard. It only then occurred to me……. I survived.  I struggled free from the box, and with strong arm strokes, began the long, long swim to shore.

By Joshua.P