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Term 4 ends at 1pm on Friday 16th December 2016

Kia ora koutou.  Hello everyone.

End of Year Date and Time

School will close at 1 p.m. on Friday 16th December for the end of our 2016 school year.  This includes the office. Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up from school as there will be no staff here in the afternoon. We will have a shortened lunchtime that day, from 12:00 to 12:30.  PLEASE NOTE: there will be no school bus in the afternoon or at 1pm. Our first day of school for 2017 is Thursday 2nd February.

The office will open on Tuesday 31st January  from 9am to 2pm for payment of stationery and donations. Uniform orders will not be taken until 9th February.

Pool Keys available now

Pool keys are on sale to the school community at a cost of $140 for the season including a $20 bond which is refundable on return of the key. The pool opens today and will close on Friday 31st March.

Lots of Congratulations!


Congratulations to the school choir on two wonderful performances over the past two weeks, the first at the Auckland Primary Principals Association Choir Festival at the Town Hall on 22nd November and the second last weekend at Christmas by the Lake in Sylvan Park, Milford with the Auckland Symphony Orchestra. Both provided unique and very special opportunities for the children to perform, not only in front of a large audience, but also in very different and special venues. Not every choir gets to sing accompanied by the Auckland Symphony Orchestra!

Our children not only participated brilliantly, but also represented our school with exemplary  behaviour, commitment and enthusiasm. Thank you to Nicola Couch also for leading Music and Choir in our school. We are very proud of you all!

Senior Athletics Day 

We had a great day for our school Athletics sports last week.  A special thank you to Mrs Nicol for her organisation.  Thank you too, to the staff and parents who assisted with various events and activities.

  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Long Jump 
8 Year Girls Amelia Gundry Ava MacIver Daniella Borsato
8 Year Boys Evan Baird Miller Hope-Ede Kane Supple
9 Year Girls Summar Dewes Maiah Hosking Jaimie Baird
9 Year Boys Patrick Yates Eshaan Lal Arthur Nunes
10 Year Girls Katelyn Ware Georgia Knight Isabella Elia
10 Year Boys Troy Supple Terrence Kightley Fraser MacIver
11 Year Girls Cara Loughran Victoria Lane Leah Ward
11 Year Boys Jesse Baird Max Allnutt Liam Martin
High Jump 
8 Year Girls Jaimie North Kate Bamford Sophie Mackey
8 Year Boys Taine Price Miller Hope-Ede Kayshawn Etoka
9 Year Girls Blaze Latoa-Levi Summar Dewes Isla Postill
9 Year Boys Sean Kimura-Dines Nathan Smith Patrick Yates
10 Year Girls Hannah Bamford Katelyn Ware Sophia Tuck
10 Year Boys Terrence Kightley Fraser MacIver & Troy Supple (2nd Equal)
11 Year Girls Victoria Lane Brooke Aked Cara Loughran
11 Year Boys Max Allnutt Jesse Baird Matthew Ross
Shot Put 
8 Year Girls Alicia Tuck Ava MacIver Chloe Dawson
8 Year Boys Dontae Richarte Taine Price Noah Gray & Joel McFarland
9 Year Girls Piripono Kaye Summar Dewes Blaze Latoa-Levi
9 Year Boys Iziah Gillard Samuel Titchener Thomas McKay
10 Year Girls Katelyn Ware Paige Markwick Sophia Tuck
10 Year Boys Tyler Hubbard Troy Supple Feki Tupou
11 Year Girls Scarlett Dickenson Lily Holland Victoria Lane
11 Year Boys Jesse Baird Ryan Jefferson Max Allnutt
Sprint Finals
5 Year Girls Kaia Cousins Maya Kimura-Dines Shelby Parr
5 Year Boys Noah Breed Jaiden Brown Caleb Field
6 Year Girls Ariana Paver Vicky Xie Romilly Wall
6 Year Boys Indy Lilley Boston Pule Ryan Whinney
7 Year Girls Amarlea Rameka Helen Hulm Bianca Drever
7 Year Boys Elijah Souster Harry Breed Jaxx Latoa-Levi
8 Year Girls Jaimie North Kate Bamford Kayla Radford
8 Year Boys Kayshawn Etoka Taine Price Evan Baird
9 Year Girls Summar Dewes Blaze Latoa-Levi Gwen Burnett
9 Year Boys Sean Kimura-Dines Oisin Sanna Alam Palmer
10 Year Girls Katelyn Ware Georgia Knight Isabella Elia
10 Year Boys Troy Supple Fraser MacIver Terrence Kightley
11 Year Girls Cara Loughran Victoria Lane Skye Rolleston
11 Year Boys Max Allnutt Jesse Baird Matthew Ross

Many congratulations to the school athletics team who went to Kristin School last Tuesday along with eleven other local primary schools and came third overall! A really good team effort with also some outstanding individual results. See the Sports Newsletter coming out soon for more details.

Thank you to Michaela Nicol for organising our team and Glenn Sheers along with all the parent helpers for going along with the children. The day was a huge success!

Staff news – Welcome, thank you and congratulations!

We thank Helen Barlow and Jean Bagshawe for taking our New Entrant classes as they started up this year and  a bank of relieving teachers who have done a fantastic job covering classes for teachers who needed urgent leave  during the year – our thanks to Warren Spanhake, Tracy Esquilant, Madeleine Valintine and Tania Davey. We say farewell to Lucy Dromgool and Jillian McLean and welcome Becky Taylor for 2017 covering for Lou Hunger on maternity leave and Sharon Close, Nayth Loft, Susan Bellehewe and Helen Barlow to the permanent staff next year. We also welcome back Anna Palmer in 2017 in a new role as part  time teacher of students with English as a second language.

Our congratulations and best wishes go to Lou and Tim Hunger on the  birth of their daughter Charlie Susan, born Thursday 21st November – Lou and Charlie are both doing well.

Summer Holidays and Learning


Check out the latest Home/School partnership newsletter for some ideas on how you can help your child maintain their learning over the summer holidays. Term 4 Newsletter – The Link.

Lost Property

The lost property box is once again full! Please take a look in the box at the back of the school hall before or after school and take any of your child’s belongings home. Teachers will  also take the children to look at the lost property before the end of term. All property remaining after school closes will be donated to charity.

Library closed for stock take

No library books will now be issued and all library books must come back to the library. Please have a good look at home and return any books as soon as possible.

Lunchroom closing 9th December

The last day for the lunch room this year is Friday 9th December. Please note stock is being reduced so children may not get their first choice.

The lunchroom will open again on Wednesday 8th February 2017.

A Message from The Swim Bus

In Term 1 2017, Glamorgan School will once again be taking part in our swimming programme, which will be held in your school pool during school hours.

All year groups will be doing 8 consecutive lessons over 2 weeks. In our experience children who do blocks of lessons progress faster than children doing weekly or twice weekly lessons as they consolidate their skills almost every day rather than forgetting skills between lessons and having to revise the same skills each lesson.

Children participating will need to wear appropriate swimwear, (rash shirt or wet suits permitted) and hair tied up if long. Goggles and swimming caps are encouraged but optional. Although Glamorgan is lucky to have solar heating in the school pool it can sometimes be chilly if there is wind or your child is slightly built – if this is the case your child will enjoy their lessons more if they are wearing a wetsuit or a thermal top (tight fitting). Caps also help to keep the warmth in.

We teach all four competitive swimming strokes (Free, Back, Breast and Fly) and also 2 survival strokes – Survival back (breaststroke kick on back with sculling arm action) and side stroke. We also teach many personal survival skills during our lessons such as treading water and basic rescue techniques.

For more information on our classes and what we will teach your child please see our website and look on the “schools programme” page. There is a downloadable PDF with information on our classes called “school group levels.”

Ability groups: We have an online form this year which you can fill in so we know which group to put them in. This is also found on the swim bus website on “schools programme” page. If we do not receive this information we will assess their ability on the first lesson anyway.

The Swim Bus will also be assisting Glamorgan staff in running the “race squad” this will take place at lunchtimes with the aim of putting together a team to represent the school at the interschool swimming champs. Information on the race squad will be given to any child that is in a level 5 or 6 class and is aged over 7years and will also be over the school notices in term 1 2017. You do not have to enrol in The Swim Bus lessons to come to the lunchtime sessions.

Payment details 2016/17.

The cost of the lessons is $45 per child for 8 x 30min lessons if you pay by the 31st Dec 2016. If you pay after this date the cost will be $50 per child for 8 x 30min lessons. The school office will not be collecting the payments instead you will need to pay us directly.

Each class will have a specific time when they will be swimming with us – please check with your class teacher at the start of term 1 2017 for this information. Please note that if your child’s swimming lesson is cancelled due to poor pool water quality there will only be 1 make-up lesson offered. This will be at a time that suits the school.

Option 1: Internet banking.

Pay via internet banking into our bank account 38 9010 0781710-00 Account name Kiwiflippers Ltd.

Please use your child’s initial and surname as a reference plus GM (for Glamorgan as we do take payments from other schools) $45 per child for 8x 30mins lessons. If paid by 31st Dec 2016. 

Option 2: By cash or cheque (before 31st Dec 2016)

Post your cheque to:

Kiwiflippers Ltd,

3/40 Radiata Lane.


Auckland 0626.

Or pay by cash by visiting a Kiwibank and making a deposit into our account (see account details and what to use as a reference above in option 1: internet banking). $45 per child for 8 x 30min lesson.

Option 3: By cash or cheque (on the first day of swimming).

You will need to email us with your child’s name so we can book them in.

The cost will be $50 per child for 8 x 30mins lessons.

 To contact the swim bus

Email  phone number is 027 771 6366

Janene Sutton (The Swim Bus coordinator)

Upcoming Events

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