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Term 1 – Monday 2nd February to Thursday 13th April

Kia ora koutou.  Hello everyone.

welcome to schoolWelcome back everyone, I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable break. A special welcome to the families and children new to Glamorgan School this year.

Term dates 2017

Term 1  Thursday 2nd February – Thursday 13th April 

Term 2  Monday 1st May to Friday 7th July (Teacher Only Day Friday 2nd June)

Term 3  Monday 24th July to Friday 29th September

Term 4  Monday 16th October to Tuesday 19th December

Please note: In Term 1 school is closed on the following public holidays:

Monday 6th February (Waitangi Day)

Friday 14th April (Good Friday)

Our school year starts with lots of new learning opportunities and exciting activities ahead for Term 1. You will receive information about activities planned for the term and upcoming events. One of the first whole school events is Meet the Teacher Evening on Thursday 9th February for Teams 1, 5 and 6 at 5:45pm and Teams 2, 3 and 4 at 6:30pm. Last year we had a really good turn out and we look forward to seeing you all again this year. For Teams 1,3,5 and 6 please go to your child’s classroom directly. For Team 2 please go to Room 7. For Team 4 please go to Whare Toi (the new building located between Rooms 11 and 12).

Anna Palmer will be available in Room 10 for any parents of children with English as a second language (ESOL) who are receiving support. Anna is our part time ESOL teacher this year and alongside teacher aide Fiona De L’Isle they will form the ESOL support team.

Just a reminder that if you are coming as a family, the children should not run in and out of the classrooms whilst the teachers are talking to you. This is distracting for both parents and teachers.

Your child’s teacher will send home a form asking if there is any more information you want the teacher to know about your child. Meet the teacher evening will not give the opportunity for one to one discussions and filling out the form would give the teacher any information you feel they need to be able to work successfully with your child. If you need to talk to the teacher further please make a time to see them either through the office or by emailing them directly.

The Friends of The School will be holding a sausage sizzle so why not come as a family and introduce yourselves, have a sausage and maybe picnic on the field with family and friends.

Swimming lessons start tomorrow for Team 5 and Team 6 

Swimming lessons start tomorrow Friday 3rd February for children in Teams 5 & 6. Lessons run Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week for 2 weeks. As Monday is a public holiday the first lessons for these children are tomorrow.

If you wish to book lessons with Swimbus please see details on their website including payments. Go to and Glamorgan School has a tab on the left hand side which will give details of the programme and payment options. Please do not put money into the school account for swimming lessons, all payments go directly to Swimbus.

The other teams will have swimming lessons as follows:

Weeks 4 and 5 (from 20th February to 3rd March ) Teams 1 & 2

Weeks 6 and 7 (from 6th March to 17th March) Team 3 & 4

Assembly Certificates

Part of the feedback from the Community Survey held by the Board of Trustees last year was that if parents know their child is getting a certificate then they could come along to the assembly and share their child’s success with them. As we value parent engagement at school and want you to celebrate children’s successes with them when possible, we think this is a fair comment and request. So from this year, in the week of a whole school assembly, on the Wednesday parents will be notified by email if their child is getting a certificate at assembly on Friday.

Sun Safety


Due to the harsh effects of our summer sun and in accordance with our behaviour plan, children MUST wear a hat when outdoors during Term 1 and Term 4. This is not optional. Please make sure your child has a hat at school at all times this term.  A named hat to keep at school would be a great option. To give full protection the hat should provide cover for the face, neck and ears.

Sun screen

There are many child friendly options available for sun screen such as roll on and spray applicators.

Children are welcome to have their own sun screen in their bag and apply this before morning tea and lunch time. The school office also has a large pump bottle of sunscreen the children can use at any time if they don’t have their own. Please encourage and show your children how to apply sun screen.


We highly recommend t-shirts and tops that give protection to the back of the neck and shoulders. Children are welcome to wear sunglasses also during break times.


The lunchroom is open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week starting on Wednesday 8th February. The lunchroom menu is available on our website. Please send orders written clearly on the outside of an envelope with your child’s name and room number and all cash inside the envelope. These envelopes should be placed into the class lunch bin before 9am.

If you want to order your child’s lunch from the school lunchroom online then go to find the Glamorgan page and order and pay online before 9am .

Nga mihi


Upcoming Events

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