Welcome Everyone

We are delighted with the start to 2017 and hope that you and your children are also feeling like it is going to be a good year together. An especially big welcome to new families.

This year we have four classes in Team Three. Let me introduce you: In room 19 we have Mrs Sharon Close who is an experienced teacher, new to our school this year. In Room 20 we  have Mrs Sue Hobin again. Many of you will know Sue as she is an established and respected Glamorgan teacher. In Room 21 is myself, Robyn Bennett, back on the scene after taking leave to look after my terminally ill husband. In Room 22, full of new ideas from university is Mrs Nayth Loft. Nayth was a student teacher at our school last year where she proved her worth. Together, in the wider realm of the school community, we look forward to working with you to do the very best for your children.

A most important date is Meet the Teacher which is this Thursday, 9th of February. For our team the time is 6.30 pm.  Please meet in the class that your child is in. At this meeting you will hear about life in the classroom that your child is in and how you can support your child at home. It is not about individual children as we are still getting to know the children and gathering our own information to compliment what we have from previous years. You hopefully received an email with an attachment sheet inviting you to note down some information that would be helpful to us. Please bring it to the meeting if you are able or send the information another way.

Instructional swimming for our team is week 6 and 7. That is the week starting 6th March.   If you have not paid on line at Swimbus the address is www.theswimbus.co.nz . The instructors break the class into groups after an assessment. In the past we have had some parents wanting their child excused if the water seems cold and some parents wanting their child to swim. So that we best follow what you want, please send a note with your child if they are not to swim on a particular day. We keep a very small supply of swimming gear for children who forget their togs. If you have unwanted togs they would be most welcome in our spare supply.

While we wait for our swimming lessons we hope to have a swim each Thursday morning.

The school website has a lot of valuable information about what is happening in our school and has links to sites that will assist you to understand the curriculum and support your child. The notice board in the car park is an alert to what is coming up each week. As class teachers we will also email you about general information from time to time and about class and individual matters. These are likely to be brief notes. We also welcome brief notes from you that may help your child share something of interest, celebrate new learning, inform us of a new situation or give us a heads up on a concern.  If you have an urgent message please inform the office as we do not check emails while we are teaching.

The lunchroom website for online booking is www.schoollunches.co.nz. Children may also bring their order and money to school.

Terms 1 and 4 are times when sunhats are compulsory.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We look forward to getting to know you over the year. Mostly we thank you for the privilege of being your child’s teacher.


Robyn Bennett    robynbennett@glamorgan.school.nz

Sharon Close       sharonclose@glamorgan.school.nz

Sue Hobin           suehobin@glamorgan.school.nz

Nayth Loft           naythloft@glamorgan.school.nz