Dear Families

We know many of you have been waiting to hear about our trip so here is the update. The school website is full of information; from helping your child in their learning through to what is happening in the Glamorgan community. Feel free to email us, however, if there is something we can help you with.

Instead of the trip to Te Hana that we were considering, we are going to Mangere Mountain at a reduced cost. This is partly because they have been very generous in dropping the price. We feel the children will get a similar cultural experience. It will be a big day as you can see from the attached permission slip.  This permission slip is also in hard copy and has been given to the children.  

This term one of our main areas of interest is the marine environment. Within this broad focus there is a lot of scope for children to inquire about something they are passionate about or particularly curious about. With teacher support they will gain understanding of researching and making sense of information. This entails framing questions that will best lead them to specific information and making sense of information at an appropriate level for their learning. The process involves a lot of group work. Findings are presented in a variety of ways.

The main components of homework remain Mathletics, Reading Eggs/Express, and a library book.  If homework is difficult because of lack time or motivation you are encouraged to talk to your child’s teacher so we can come up with a solution together.  Although we feel some homework each day is important we do not want to interfere with other things happening in the family. We encourage you to take every opportunity to build vocabulary and learning in everyday situations such as measurement, time and money. In this way children’s learning is enriched in a valuable, real context that easily fits in time-wise.


Closer to the time of Matariki we will be learning how this has been observed through time and what it means for families today. If this is something your family celebrates, we would welcome your input.

We hope you are finding team three a positive experience for your child. We value and appreciate your support. 

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Here is a copy of the trip notice: 

Team Trip to Mangere Mountain Education Centre