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Term 2        Monday 1 May to Friday 7 July

Queen’s Birthday public holiday Monday 6th June


Kia ora koutou.  Hello everyone.



From 6th June onwards please do not arrive at school to use the drop off zone to pick up your child/ren until 3:05pm. This gives children the chance to get to the drop off zone and be waiting to be picked up. Children will still be supervised as they are now.

Gates will open at 3:05pm. Do not stop or queue outside the gates; this is a traffic offence and will be monitored.

Please make sure all those who collect your children from school know of the changes.

Pool keys

The school pool is now closed and all keys should have been returned to school. Tomorrow is the last day to get back the key deposit of $20. Please note: money will not be given to childr


This year’s a-thon is a New Zealand-a-thon and on Tuesday 6th June your child will bring home their NZ-A-Thon sheet of questions and a sponsor sheet. The NZ-A-Thon was chosen to support the children’s learning about New Zealand. Fundraising from the a-thon supports items such as extra learning resources in the classrooms, furniture, ICT equipment and library. Please help your child with the questions and ask the teacher if you are unsure of anything.

The testing day will be Thursday 22 June and children will have until Tuesday 4th July to gather their sponsorship funds following the testing day. We do not encourage children to go ‘door knocking’ and prefer that you monitor the soliciting of sponsors. Donations are welcomed should you not approve of gaining sponsorship.  We appreciate your assistance in this regard. Please complete the sponsor sheet and send this to school on the test day.

There is a ‘pizza for lunch’ prize for each team across the school to be won.  The winning class in each team will have the highest percentage of children return their sponsor sheet with money. Pizza will be on Thursday 6th July for the winning classes.

Thank you for supporting the NZ-A-Thon, raising money for the school and increasing your child/ren’s knowledge of Aotearoa,  New Zealand at the same time!

Bullying-Free NZ Week and Pink Shirt Day tomorrow

This week is Bullying-Free NZ week which for our children builds onto the work they have done within the Keeping Ourselves Safe programme in term 1. The week ends with Pink Shirt Day where children and adults  can wear a pink shirt tomorrow 26th May in support of Bully-Free NZ week. We realise not everyone has pink in their wardrobe and the children will be making pink wristbands with anti bullying messages throughout the school so all can show their support.

School Road Safety Campaign

As part of our Travelwise programme,  Year 6 students have been participating in a road safety campaign this week. The students were holding placards containing positive messages. These messages  were designed to raise awareness about driving safely near schools. The students taking part were Ella Price, Piripono Kaye, Kruz Fabian, Ryan Blank and Dylan Johnson. These students will be involved in campaigns near the beginning of each school term to maintain community awareness about safe driving near schools.  Each day there are high volumes of traffic when children are arriving and leaving school. The situation is sometimes made more hazardous by manoeuvering or parked cars which can obscure visibility. Using the legal speed of 40km/h around schools and demonstrating an awareness of these road safety hazards will help keep our children safe.


Friends of The School (FoTS) News


A HUGE thank you to all the parents, teachers and children who helped out at the disco last Friday. It takes many hands to pull a successful event together and would not be possible without everyone involved! From this disco we fund raised a total of $3889.43 for our school!

Entertainment Books

Please remember to return these as soon as possible if you haven’t already.  Thanks!

Ice Skate Tour – July school holidays

The Ice Skate Tour will be back at our school in the July school holidays.  We will also have a van onsite over the weekend selling donuts and hot dogs.  Spread the word! 

The Ice Skate Tour will be open at our school hall the following dates and times:

Friday 7th July3pm-8pm

Saturday 8th July10am-5pm

Sunday 9th July10am-5pm

Monday 10th July10am-5pm

Tuesday 11th July10am-5pm

Wednesday 12th July10am -8pm

Thursday 13th July10am-5pm

Ice Skate Tour


Warning over Blue Whale challenge suicide game

The Ministry of Education put out the following message this week – this may not affect our youngest children but for older siblings and looking to the future it is a reminder of how vigilant parents and caregivers need to be.

New Zealand Police and the Mental Health Foundation are advising parents, guardians, teachers and counsellors to be aware of the danger the Blue Whale Challenge app poses to vulnerable young people.

Reports suggest it starts with minor self-harm challenges and then escalates in severity. There have been unconfirmed reports of suicides being linked to the game overseas and there was recent mention of the app in New Zealand media including the Herald and Newshub (you’ll need to scroll down to read the Newshub article).

This is one example of people using the internet to take advantage of those who are most vulnerable. The internet offers many positive experiences for young people but it’s important that schools and families are mindful of what students are doing online.

Under the Harmful Digital Communication Act it is now a criminal offence in New Zealand to incite another individual to commit suicide, regardless of whether they attempt to do so. If you see or hear about the online ‘Blue Whale suicide challenge’, you can take the following steps to minimise any potential harm it might cause:

• Immediately report it to the social media site or website that it’s on.

• If somebody is directly targeting young people to play the game, or attempting to incite suicide in any other way, contact the Police for help.

• Contact Netsafe.This includes instances of online bullying, abuse or harassment. Netsafe’s helpline is free, confidential and open seven days a week: 0508 NETSAFE or email

For advice on parenting and mental health, or suicide, please refer to the Mental Health Foundation – they have also published a useful media advisory on how to respond to the ‘challenge’.


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