Welcome back after that very wet holiday. A special welcome to our new families.

Term three is an excellent term. We have had plenty of time to build communities of learning in each class where the children feel valued and will work together to support each other and to problem solve.

As a staff, we have been involved in some webinars about Mindfulness. This is hopefully filtering down to the children as we learn to all take a moment to restore our state of calm. It really does settle our minds to do a few of the breathing exercises after coming in from a full on playtime or when we need to refocus – teachers as well!.

In week three we have a Getwise session which is provided by the ASB bank. In the past these have been thoroughly enjoyable and valuable. In preparation for this it would be great if you had a little money saving goal, practice exchanging coins, discussions around spending etc. Anything that helps them make a connection between money that is spent in the home situation and what we talk about at school, enriches the learning.

Our Kiwisport this term is Rippa rugby skills. This starts in week four and each class has lessons on a Monday. Shoes that are easy to play ball in would be appreciated, or they can have bare feet.

In week five, on Wednesday the twenty-third of August, we invite families to Sharing the Learning. Classes will be open from three to six pm for families to pop in at some stage. This is a time for the children to tell you what they are learning and share their work. It is run by the children.

Book week coincides with Sharing the Learning. We are going to have a lot of fun making a Team Three display for this. We will tell you more as we get closer to the time and have talked it over with the children. On Tuesday the twenty-second that week the children are invited to dress as a book character and we have a school wide parade.

It is our team’s turn to take assembly on the fifteenth of September. At the moment we intend to present something from our topic studies of sea voyages of exploration.  This topic has started with a focus on early Maori migration to Aotearoa  and will then open to more individual or group choices of study.

Mathletics and Reading Eggs/Express continue to be our main platform for homework and it is expected that several minutes of each are done most days. Reading Eggs/Express has an element of spelling in it also.

We welcome any presentations of work the children have done at home to support their class learning or as a personal interest. Adobespark has become a popular means of presenting ideas across our classes. Some children have gone the next step and used the programme at home, then emailed it to us. Of course, a written or poster type presentation is just as welcome.

Lost property, or rather items of clothing that they wear to school but do not recognise when it is left on the floor, mounted up very quickly last term. If clothing has a name marked on it we can return it easily. If it sits around for a few days it will end up in the lost property bin in the hall. By now we expect children to take some responsibility for their belongings.

Thank you for your support and the privilege of teaching your children.

As always, we may be contacted by email on:

robynbennett@glamorgan.school.nz      sharonclose@glamorgan.school.nz

suehobin@glamorgan.school.nz              naythloft@glamorgan.school.nz

Any urgent messages need to go through the office.

Warm regards to you all from

Robyn, Sharon, Sue and Nayth