When would I make it to the surface?

I was going second and I was a bit nervous. The harness was sticking to me and it was so uncomfortable.

 I had to go down or the people waiting would laugh at me.

 I decided that I would go down right now. 

 I got all strapped up in ropes, a helmet and a harness and stuff like that.

 I started walking backwards. I could not do it!

I’d make myself fall a little bit because I was holding the rope, but I just I couldn’t let go of it!

 I was on the wall and the wall was so high. I just had to do it.

I jumped out into the air and then put my feet on DSCF2009the straight bit. I scurried down it!

Yey! Yey! I was on the bottom and it was sooooooo much fun that I wanted to do it all again!!!!!!!