Dear Families

Welcome back to the sunny last term of the year. Term 4 is one that seems to go by too fast.  

Since we have athletics this term, we have chosen a theme for our learning that will help the children understand why exercise is important and what happens to our body as we get fitter and stronger. Within this context there is scope to explore all areas of the curriculum. Authentic learning experiences in science and mathematics involve monitoring changes, gathering and using data and measuring outcomes. The title of our plan for term 4 is Manaakitanga, Taking Action and we intend to do this by providing a fitness circuit or stations for other students in the school to use. Creating this comes under the technology curriculum.  The planning and running of it embraces all the key competencies although our main focus is to contribute to the wider community. We see it as a good opportunity for young children to show leadership and community spirit. 

Apart from the wealth of literacy learning around our theme and in other contexts, we have a particular focus on poetry. The whole school is involved in this and culminates in selected children from each team presenting to the school on the 27th of November.  Each child is required to learn and present a poem to their own class members. Children choose and learn their poem with the help of their families. Work in class will support expressive reading, use of body language and participating. Dates for presenting to class will be sent out later. Children who end up presenting to the school are first selected at class level and then at team level. 

We have a phrase in our planning to remind us of the importance of helping children learn through their passions and motivating and supporting them to be bold in their learning. ‘KO TE AHUREI O TE TAMAITI ARAHIA O TATOU MAHI’,  Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work.  We try and give time and allow choices for children to learn in the way that best suits them. If you and your child have something you would like to teach or present to others do let us know. 

A reminder that the school website has a place to record when your child is absent from school. We want to know that your child is safe. Doing this stops our office staff from having to spend time phoning up to check. 

The school website has general information and ways you can help your child at home. 

Your support with ensuring children do their Mathletics and Reading Eggs/Express each day is appreciated. Returning library books and renewing them is part of self management but a reminder from you is helpful too.  Children are allowed two books at a time but if a book is overdue they cannot get any others out. A library book shared with you, is a lovely and valuable way to develop reading skills and the love of reading.

Each class uses Seesaw. If you have not subscribed to view and comment on your child’s work please do so. This really enhances communication between home and school.  What you will view is a range of something your child just wanted to share, to prescribed work and sometimes to work or discussion at home that is the first part of something to be followed up in class.  Email your class teacher if you are unsure how to subscribe or having problems with it.

As always we can be reached on our emails. If something is urgent please phone the office instead as emails are not checked in class time and we are often on duty at break times. 

Warm regards

Sharon Close  (Room 19)                  

Sue Hobin   (Room 20)                      

Robyn Bennett  (Room 21) team leader

Nayth Loft  (Room 22)                      

Remember our trip to Mangere Mountain Education Centre? They have asked us to inform you of an upcoming event. We are not in any way endorsing this but are happy to share in case you are interested.  Mangere Mountain Education Centre invite our families to come and discover how to make a difference in our own backyard on Saturday 21st October  – the focus is on pests and includes activities and learning opportunities galore.  For more information