Glamorgan Goss December 2017

 As the fourth term draws to a close and the Christmas celebrations rev up we would like to celebrate the end of another fantastic year for Glamorgan School.  Some students have shone in the classroom, some on the sports field, some in the arts – all shone in one way or another and the Board would like to thank the students and hence the parents for another positive year.


Thank you so much to those of you who have paid your donation.  It makes a huge difference to what we can do to improve your child’s learning experience at Glamorgan. Thinking ahead to 2018, we know the beginning of the year is often expensive but there are many options on when and how to pay as detailed in previous school newsletters. If you need to talk to someone regarding this please contact the office.

Pool and Grounds Over the Holidays

The great weather has seen many families using their pool keys already in our fabulous facility!  The expectation is that you will use the pool (and surrounding facilities) according to the rules of the Pool Users Contract. Already there have been a few incidences of unaccompanied children and sharing of keys. A big no no! It does get noticed so do not be offended if you are gently reminded about your responsibilities.

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Your key is for your family only and not to be shared.
  • Take your own rubbish (particularly nappies) home.
  • No food inside the pool complex. This includes chips and popcorn of course.

Can we also remind you that motorbikes, skate boards and dogs are not allowed on the school property. The water tank beside the hall and other buildings are not to be climbed up on. Please help us in maintaining our grounds and keeping them safe and clean for the kids to play on.

Look out for possible work on the fields. If barrier tape is put up, please do not pull it down. There also may be some work around rooms 15-18. With this in mind, please do not allow your children to play by themselves near the worksite.

Drop Off Zone and School Crossing

This is working well in the afternoons. Well done! Please do the same in the mornings.

We have noticed a few parents allowing their children to cross at the roundabout on the corner of Weatherly. This is very unsafe. Please ensure they walk up to the crossing.

Farewell to Year 6

We farewell the Year 6 students of 2017 who are leaving us to continue their school journey at their chosen intermediate school.  We know that the staff of Glamorgan School have prepared you well for this transition and we wish you all the best.  We encourage you to remember the Glamorgan Steps for Success and with these in mind you will be able to make the most of the opportunities available to you in your new school.

A string of thank yous …

 There is no way that we can have such a fantastic school without a lot of hard work from a variety of dedicated people.

Firstly we wish to thank our talented, passionate and hard-working teaching staff.  We are a lucky Board to have you and we truly appreciate all your efforts.  We would also like to make a special mention of our teacher aides and support staff.  These people work with small groups and make a huge difference to the education of the children they come in contact with.  We also have some wonderful administration and grounds staff who help keep our school running smoothly.  Please take the opportunity to thank these people if you come across them.

Special thanks must go to Lisa Radford and the Friends of the School team– these people work tirelessly to make our school a better place (a job made even harder when all our school donations aren’t paid – hint hint!).  They give up a lot of their own time to raise money for things that are not covered by government subsidies or funding. It is very rewarding to be involved with this great bunch of people. If you would like to be involved (and add this to your CV for community service) then please get in touch directly or through the office.

Last, but not least, are all the parents who help in some way or another.  You might be a sports coach, put books away, help out FOTS when needed, support the fundraising, buy a pool key … you are all wonderful!

On that note … the Board extends a Merry Christmas to all.  Enjoy the Christmas break, have a safe and happy holiday and we look forward to seeing you and your children back here next year!

 Your Board of Trustees is made up of:
Janet Pinchen: Principal      Richard Beechey: Chairperson     Angela Wilson:  Staff Rep       

Raewyn Pevreal    Irene Wirtenberger    Derek Blank    Morag Ward         

Contact us via the school office.