We decided to send out our newsletter at the end of this term so you have ideas for the holidays.

Firstly, thank you for supporting us as your children started a new year with increased expectations for self-management, and a new community of learning to build.

We chose Hapori as our name for Team 3 because we really value the community of learning that evolves when we support students to work collaboratively. They build knowledge and problem solving skills more than they could independently. They have opportunities to develop respect for others and to be open to new ideas. Independent work is also important for children to show their thinking and to practise staying focused. As teachers, we work with whole class, small groups and individuals. We teach lessons aimed at a specific teaching point and we have learning activities where children achieve in a range of ways, supported by us. As the children work together, they also provide valuable teaching experiences for each other.

Each term we have a theme that weaves across the curriculum. The interests of the children and other learning opportunities across the curriculum direct our work also. In Term 2, our theme is around the power of art. Our message is that art tells us stories about our place in the world. The aim is to increase awareness of the world around us by a focus on noticing, interpreting and forming opinions. These skills are important across the curriculum and in life generally.

We will have questions such as:

Why do people make art?

How does art tell us about people long ago?

Who decides what ‘good’ art is?

We will look at art used to tell stories, protest, and entertain. A particular emphasis will be on art as communication in Maori culture.

If you are attending any art events over the holidays, you may like to come back to school with something to share about your experience.

School wide events this term are: Cross Country, Jammies in June and a Spell-athon. There will be information on the website about these as the time comes closer. Throughout the school we will be studying about Matariki and in May we have Bully Free Week. Here we will focus on being caring, recognising what bullying behaviour is and learning ways to be resilient and to address bullying behaviour.


One big ask over the holidays is to build vocabulary and understanding around money and time. Holidays are the perfect time for children to be involved in counting money, reading prices and learning about time. They could compare the price of something in the shop, use a calculator as they go around the supermarket, add up coins that make $1, $2 etc. Help them work out how much tickets to something will cost. Talk about the difference between the price for children and the price for adults. Read schedules and maps together, talking about the time something will take and what time it will finish. Anything you can do in real life context is valuable.


Most of all, we hope you manage to get some relaxation and family time over the school holidays.

Ko te ahurei o te tamaiti arahia o tatou mahi.  Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work.




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