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Kia ora. Hello everyone. 

Welcome to Glamorgan School 

We hope that your child/ren’s stay with us will be rewarding and your family’s association with the school satisfying and enjoyable. 

The education of your child at Glamorgan involves the development of a positive relationship between home and school. Whether your child is a new entrant or transferring from another school you have had a number of years involvement in their education and we look forward to joining with you in this new phase of their schooling. We hope that you share with us in the development of your child/ren and we invite you to keep in close contact with their progress at school. 

We endeavour to maintain an atmosphere where parents and caregivers are welcome within the school and are encouraged to share in their child’s education. If you have any concerns, please raise them with us. 

For the benefit of your child, it is important that there is an on-going communication between home and school and we prefer an early involvement in any problem areas. 

The school has a very active Friends of the School and we welcome all parents to attend meetings and participate in school functions. If you would like to help in the school, inquire at the office or see your child’s classroom teacher. 

The Staff and Board of Trustees welcome you to the school and look forward to meeting and working with you. 

Janet Pinchen 


Board of Trustees ( B.O.T)

Chairperson : Morag Ward 

Board members : Jon Irving 

Irene Gaigg-Wirtenberger 

Iain Carmichael 

Nicole Thompson 

Janet Pinchen (Principal) 

Nayth Loft (Staff Representative) 

The Board’s Role 

The B.O.T assume a governance role within the school. Governance is a “hands off” process whereby the board ensures that the school is well managed and led without itself doing the managing or leading. Therefore the B.O.T is not directly involved in the day to day running of the school. Concerns or complaints regarding staff, pupils or school organisation must be first directed to the teacher then senior teacher or principal. Should a satisfactory resolution not be achieved using the above system an approach to the board by letter outlining the situation is appropriate. 

Generally the Principal will deal with the vast majority of situations. 

However if at any time you would like to discuss a particular matter with a Board member please do not hesitate to contact any of the above through the school office. The Board has been elected by parents/caregivers to help and assist you where needed. The Board also produces the Glamorgan Goss twice per year; a newsletter to keep you up to date with Board information. 


All upcoming monthly meetings are notified through the weekly school newsletter and are held in the Administration Block. 

Parents are welcome to attend as observers and may apply for speaking rights. 

General Information 


If your child is absent from school please complete the online form found under the Absence button on the school website. This is the best way to inform the school and your child’s class teacher at the same time. If this is not possible please either ring and leave us a message, with a reason for absence on the answer phone before school Phone : 473 6453 ext 1 Text 027 632 7067 (only text 

messages will be cleared, please do not leave a message) or Email: 

Please note that your child must attend school for two hours before noon and two hours after noon to be marked present on the school roll. 

Appointments with Staff: 

Classroom teachers have all day teaching commitments. We would therefore appreciate you contacting them when they are free from their classes. If you have a concern it is best to make an appointment (preferably after school hours). Email addresses can be found on our website. 

Before and After School Care: 

Before and after school care is available in the community room from 7.15am to 8.30am and also 3pm through to 6pm. For further details please contact Kathy McCormack on 021 612 105. 

Children’s Belongings: 

We strongly recommend that children name all belongings and do not bring special toys or other treasures to school. It is never a happy time if treasured belongings are lost or broken. Please note: there are to be no electronic games, chewing gum, bubblegum, skate-boards (unless there is a special wheels day), cellphones or electron-ic devices, inappropriate books, matches, hazardous equipment or toys. 

Concerns and Complaints: 

In the first instance, concerns should be directed to the staff member concerned. If this is not possible, or the matter has not been resolved after initial contact, it should then go to the Team Leader then the Deputy Principal then the School Principal. You are welcome to view this policy at the office or on our webpage if you want more clarification.

Contact Details: 

All parents are asked to provide an alternative contact in case of emergency. It is in your child’s interest that we know how to contact parents or someone nominated by them at short notice. Please notify the school office if your phone number is changed or the emergency contact number is changed. 

Dental Therapist: 

The Auckland Regional Dental Service provides free dental care for children in Year 1-8. Please contact the clinic based at Northcross Intermediate School on 479 4236 to make an appointment. 

Enrolment Scheme: 

Glamorgan School is bound by a Ministry of Education Enrolment Scheme that defines a geographic catchment zone. Pupils who live with-in the school zone have automatic right of entry into Glamorgan School. However, the school operates an out of zone ballot system for spaces if they are available. The school will request proof of your residence be-fore confirming enrolment. 

New Entrant Enrolments: 

A Birth Certificate or Passport for your child is required when enrolling a New Entrant. Children will not be admitted before their 5th birthday. The Ministry of Health request that we sight the Immunisation 

Certificate of our New Entrant children if your child is immunised. 

Please provide this information on enrolment. 


Glamorgan runs support programmes for speakers of other languages. This support varies according to the individual student’s ability with English. 

Friends of the School 

We have a small dedicated group of parents that organise our fundraising. We aim to raise funds each year from a variety of activities and the funds raised are used to provide ‘extras’ the school needs. 

We appreciate your support on any fundraising ventures. 

Below are some free things that you can do to assist the school’s fundraising efforts. 

– Donate used clothing to the clothing bins at the front 

entrance of the school by the bus stop. 

– Put your aluminium cans in the collection bin 

(by the bus-stop). 

Friends of the school cont: 

If you would like to become involved with this enthusiastic and important group please contact the School Office. 

Teacher Coordinator– Kirsty Hewitt


All students are required to wear hats when outside during Terms 1 & 4. Any children not wearing hats will be confined to the shade areas. Named hats need to be provided from home. 


It is appreciated that parents have their own interests to share with their children outside school hours. Those experiences are important to their development and are to be encouraged. All children are encouraged to be involved in regular reading activities at home using books from school, home or the local library. In addition to this, children in the Y3-6 area may be required to do a variety of tasks that could involve basic skill practice (e.g. spelling, math tables, word study, topic related activities, etc) , and/or completion of work. No child is expected to spend large amounts of time on school–related tasks at home. As a general rule, we suggest that children spend no more than 30 minutes per night. 


We have children entering our school from many different pre-school facilities, including our local Glamorgan Kindergarten which is our closest. We aim to make the transition from kindergarten to school a smooth one, so appreciate as much information about new students as families can provide. 

New entrant children visit their new classroom on or just after their 5th birthday for a short series of visits. The first two visits start at 9.10am until 11am with the 3rd and final visit until 12.30pm. Parents can leave their children at school for these visits. Families will be advised about dates and times for these visits via email. There will also be an invitation to attend an information meeting for families that are new to the school. 


Children are encouraged to take home library books on a regular basis. Please ensure that the books are well looked after and returned to school promptly before or on the due date. A book bag or plastic bag must be used to take books home in. The library is open each day at 8.30am if parents would like to come and select books with their children before school. 

Lost Property 

Please ensure that all clothing and other items are named. All lost property is kept in the Hall. Items not collected by the end of each term are put in the clothing bins. 


You can order your lunch online from ezlunch. Register your family at . Lunches will be delivered to the school by lunchtime on a daily basis, just order or cancel before 9am on the day of delivery. 


Emergency medication can be kept at School on arrangement at the Office, i.e. Asthma inhalers, after signing appropriate forms. Please enquire at the office. Please do not allow your child’s medicine to be kept in their classrooms/school bags since this may be a danger to other children. Please note that school staff do not administer medications such as paracetemol or antibiotics. If your child is taking antibiotics etc, we suggest that they are taken at home, before school, after school and before bed. 


It is our policy to advise parents in writing if money is required at School. We cannot accept responsibility for money lost by students. Any money which is sent to school should be in a named and sealed envelope, with what it is for clearly stated on the outside. No money should be put on the teacher’s table. It should be given to the teacher or staff in the office. 

Payments can also be made at the school office by EFTPOS or by 

Internet Banking to the school bank account 123080 0059486 00. Please complete the reference fields with your child’s name and details of what the payment is for. 


A link to the weekly newsletter is emailed home each Thursday and it is also published on our website. It is important you read the newsletter to stay informed of events, news and happenings at school. If you are not able to access the newsletter online please contact the school 



We attempt to provide a balanced music programme for all our students. We also try to offer a more extensive music programme to children who are prepared to make that extra effort. Children in Y4 learn to play the recorder. 

Year 6 children are encouraged to audition for the choir which is involved in an annual music festival. 

Office Hours 

The school office is open from 8.00am– 4.00pm during term times. It is also open for limited hours prior to commencement of the school year. 

Office Staff are part time and do not work during school holidays. 


Parking facilities are very limited around the school, especially at peak times such as wet afternoons. Our first priority is the safety of the children and we request parents only use the designated parking. Please do not park across our neighbours driveways or on yellow lines. You will need to plan to park and walk into school in the afternoons or arrange a meeting place with your child. The drop off zone at the front of the school is open before school, but in the afternoons the school gates are closed until 3.15pm as this is a safe meeting place for parents/walking school buses to wait for their children and walk out of the school. 

Parent Help 

Parent help is welcome, especially for trips, sport, and cultural activities and the classrooms. Please contact teachers if you would like to offer your services. 

Physical Education 

Physical education is a part of the New Zealand School Curriculum. All children are expected to take part unless a note outlining the reason for non participation in any given session is forwarded to the classroom teacher. Please ensure that your child has suitable clothing and footwear when taking part in P.E and sport sessions/ events. 

Reporting to Parents 

The school regularly reports to parents on their children’s progress and achievements. This is done formally and informally through conferences, written reports and Sharing the Learning afternoons. We also encourage parents/ caregivers to contact the school if they are concerned about their child’s progress and wish to discuss matters with the teacher. An interview time should be arranged either directly with the teacher or through the school office. Prior notification of these events are always published within the school newsletter. 

Pedestrian Crossing 

The crossing is manned by an adult and student traffic wardens from 8.30am to 8.50am and from 3.00pm to 3.15pm. Would you please encourage children who need to cross Glamorgan Drive, to use the safety crossing, both before and after school. Parents using the crossing are asked to set an example to students by following the warden’s instructions. 

Out of School Sport 

The school provides children with the opportunity to play Netball, Miniball, Basketball and Hockey (provided there is enough interest to form a team). There may be other sports offered throughout the year. You will be notified of these through the weekly newsletter, so please keep an eye out for them. The coaching and managing of teams is shared by staff and parents. 

Please also check our website for other out of school activities available. 

Opportunities are also made for inter-school sporting exchanges with other schools during school times. These sporting activities include; athletics, swimming, cross country running, and winter sports and involve mainly the senior school. 

Children wishing to play other codes such as Rugby, Rugby League, Cricket, Softball and Soccer are encouraged to join the local sporting club. 

Scooters and Bikes 

Children in years 4, 5 and 6 can bike to school or scooter to school independently after a permission slip has been taken home and re-turned signed by a parent giving permission. 

Scooters and bikes are brought to school at your families risk – the school does not take responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items. 


School Donations
The school donations for 2021 have been set at:

Per year Discounted amount if paid before 31 March 2020 Per term
1 Child $190 ask $47.50
2 or more children $350 ask $85.00

These can be paid by term or in bulk for the year by cash, EFTPOS or Visa at the school office. Alternatively you can pay by direct credit to our bank account 123080 0059486 00 (please make sure you put your child’s name in the reference section). Your co-operation in the payment of these donations would be appreciated as these assist in the funding of teaching resources. 

School Hours 

For safety reasons, children are not to enter the school grounds 

before 8.15am and need to leave before 3.15pm with the exception of sports training. 

Please refer to the Before and After School Care section in this booklet. 

Please note that classes begin at 9am so children need to be at school by 8.45am in order to unpack their bags and organise themselves prior to the bell at 9am. 

9.00 – 10.40 am Classes
11.00 – 11.30 am Morning Break
11.30 – 1.00 pm Classes
1.00 – 1.50 pm Lunch Break
1.50 – 3.00pm Classes


Stationery list are given out at the end of the year and stationery can be bought or ordered through the OfficeMax MySchool website. 

Parents/caregivers need to supply replacement items throughout the year. For children who start part way through the year teachers will 

provide a modified list. 

Terms and Holiday Dates for 2021 

Term 1 – Thursday 4 February to Friday 16 April 

(Waitangi Day – Monday 8 February 

Teacher only day – Thursday 1 April 

Easter Break Friday 2nd, Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th April ) 

Term 2- Monday 3 May to Friday 9 July 

(Teacher only day – Friday 4 June 

Queens Birthday – Monday 7 June) 

Term 3- Monday 26 July to Friday 1 October 

(Teacher only day – Friday 27 August) 

Term 4- Monday 18 October to Thursday 16 December 

(Labour Day – Monday 25 October, 

Teacher only day – Tuesday 26 October) 


We have a voluntary daytime school uniform and a compulsory sports uniform. Please contact the School Office if you are interested in purchasing the uniform. Whether your child wears uniform or mufti, we expect children to be dressed in a tidy, clean and appropriate manner. 

Sports Uniform 

If your child plays for a school sports team you will need to purchase a uniform from the school office. 

For one-off events such as cross country and inter-school athletics the school will have a supply of uniforms available to be borrowed by children who do not have their own sports uniform. 

Education Outside the Classroom 

From time to time, classes organise excursions out of the school grounds. We believe that these excursions support the school 

programme and your contribution to the cost of any trip is appreciated. We endeavour to give reasonable notice of dates and costs associated with any trip. 


This is a programme of aquatic awareness through learning self confidence, water safety and basic yachting skills. During terms 1 and 4, Year 6 classes take part in Waterwise instruction. The Waterwise programme encourages confidence in and on the water. The benefits of Waterwise are enormous. 

Children develop water safety skills while they learn about sailing and other water recreation. This comprehensive course reaches children at a critical age and enables them to develop and apply their knowledge and skills. The practical part of the programme operates at Waiake Beach. Parent help is essential to enable this excellent programme to continue.