Using the Glamorgan School drop off zone
Gates open at 3.05pm

The drop off zone was created to keep our children safe at home time.
Current surveys indicate that approximately 68% of our children are collected in a car most days of the week. For this reason, we need an effective , safe and efficient way to allow parents to collect their children at 3pm.

Children will be supervised by the Principal/Deputy Principals and our Resource Manager until they are collected.

How it works
Cars drive in and can wait at the front where the white car has stopped. If your child is not there, please move on. Cars should exit the car park, turn left along Glamorgan Drive, right into Geoffrey and right into Weatherly,
returning to the round-about on
Glamorgan Drive and entering the drop off zone again.

How you can help
· Don’t block Glamorgan Drive by stopping your vehicle entering the drop off zone whilst still on Glamorgan Drive; go around the block.
· Move as far forward in the drop off zone as possible so more cars can exit Glamorgan Drive. Do not stop half way because that is where your child is standing, they can walk to the front.
· Do not leave your vehicle unattended in the drop off zone between 2.30 and 3.30
· Stay in your car and allow the children to get in and buckle themselves in
· Move off as soon as your child is in the car to enable the traffic to keep moving
If your child is unable to get into the car and buckle up by themselves, please do not use this facility until they are able to do so

How children can help

· Get to the drop off zone quickly
· Watch for their car
· Buckle themselves in
· Have their bag packed properly
· Move up to the front if their car is next in the queue
· Walk
· Park in Danbury Drive or Carnmore Place and meet your children there
· Have your child walk part way up Glamorgan Drive to meet you
· Join or create a walking school bus
· Carpool
· Bus (enquire at the school office)

We thank you very much for taking the time to read this information. Our aim with the drop off zone is to keep our children safe as well as keeping other motorists and our valued neighbours happy too. Thank you to all our families that assist us in achieving this