Hapori Term 3 Newsletter


This newsletter is going out before the holidays, as it is a reflection on term 2, as well as thinking ahead to term 3.  

We end the term with many children and some staff away sick.  Please keep your child home if they are unwell as they struggle through the day and also put others at risk. They often say they are unwell but were told to come to school. We know it is difficult to tell sometimes but bringing them in late is a good option and certainly if they have a temperature they should be home.


On a brighter note, we want you to know how proud you can be of the effort and self management that we saw when preparing for our assembly and on the actual day. They made a big job run smoothly because each of them gave their best.


Throughout the year teachers gather information, informally and formally about each student. This helps us meet individual needs by supporting and extending learners and giving some agency so that the learning context is relevant and interesting. Important skills for the future, in our changing world, are predicted to be ones that reflect our key competencies. These are skills of collaboration, self management, perseverance and problem solving. They are reflected in how we work in class. Several weeks ago teachers were writing the reports that were sent home recently. If your child is marked as having outstanding or very good effort they are to be congratulated. If comments reflect the key competencies that are at the bottom of the report, they are to be congratulated. If they have learning areas that we have concerns about, but demonstrate outstanding effort and key competency skills, they are well placed to achieve. Likewise if they find learning easy and demonstrate these skills, they can fully reach their potential.


The two week holiday period is a time to relax and recharge from a busy, hard working environment and it is an opportunity to consolidate new learning. Your report indicates where we are trying to accelerate learning and ways you can support this at home. A little bit of work each day over the holidays is important for children who need extra support to achieve. It stops them forgetting new learning and can be the boost that they need to make that next step. There are many ways to make learning an enjoyable shared time. You have the spelling and math knowledge progression sheets and some children will bring books home. The school website has lots of ideas to support learning at home.


In term 3 we will be learning about how our bodies process food and how we ensure our food is safe. The Life Education van will visit school and work in class will support this learning. Possible topics to investigate are: growing food, following a fermentation process, making food coverings, understanding our body systems, ‘good and bad’ bacteria, preserving food in the past and present.  As part of this study we intend to visit the Maritime Museum to find out how Maori and English explorers preserved food on their long voyages.


Another reason to visit the Maritime Museum is to see an art exhibition by Bob Gerrard. We will be using his work to inspire us for the art festival on the 5th and 6th of September  so seeing his art will have special significance for us.

Part of the visit to Maritime Museum involves a short trip on a boat – probably the Ted Ashby sailing scow.  This will no doubt be a highlight.


We were limited in our bookings for the trip. Room 19 will go on the 7th September and Rooms 21 and 22 on the 13th September.  We will be asking for parents to be responsible for small groups of children. You will hear more about that next term.


Kiwisport for Term 3 is volleyball and starts in the first week.


Lost property is laid out in the hall this week. We suspect there are items they are not recgonising, as after clothes have sat around our corridors day after day without anyone claiming them and no name tag, they are taken to the lost property.



  • The school website and neon sign will keep you informed of school events and helpful information.
  • Seesaw app will keep you informed of some learning that is happening in class and give you the opportunity to discuss the work with your child and to leave a comment, prompt or question on the seesaw page.  
  • Mathletics and Reading Eggs provide an online daily practice for homework.
  • Stages for spelling and maths knowledge were sent home at the beginning of the year and repeated.  They guide you through what to focus on for homework, working through at a pace that is right for your child. If they get lost or finished just ask for another or the next level.
  • Lots of talking and sharing at home builds vocabulary, critical thinking and creativity.


We hope you have a lovely family two weeks and look forward to seeing you all back on 23 rd July.



Robyn Bennett   (Room 21)            robynbennett@glamorgan.school.nz

Sharon Close     (Room 19)           sharonclose@glamorgan.school.nz

Nayth Loft          (Room 22)        naythloft@glamorgan.school.nz