Dear Parents and Caregivers,


Welcome to Term Three. We trust that everyone has had an enjoyable two week break with time for some rest and relaxation. The students have made a great start to the term!


It has been pleasing to see the progress the students are making towards developing a sense of independence and responsibility for themselves and their learning over the last two terms by:

  • Organising themselves.
  • Making sensible choices.
  • Accepting learning challenges.
  • Working to the best of their ability.


The integrated studies theme for this term relates to developing understandings about being role models and leaders through the key learning areas of social science, science, health and technology. Classes will visit the Life Education caravan as part of this study.


Literacy programmes may link directly to integrated studies topics and will have an ongoing focus on developing the skills needed for:

  • Oral Language: listening actively and conveying spoken ideas clearly.
  • Reading: reading, responding and thinking critically about texts.
  • Writing: planning, composing and improving ideas.
  • Viewing: retrieving and interpreting relevant information from a variety of visual texts.
  • Presenting: organising and presenting information coherently.


Mathematics units will be based on proportions and ratios, interpreting data, symmetry and tessellation and area. Independent tasks will ensure that skills are maintained in addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. Algebra plays an integral part in all aspects of mathematics.


Physical education lessons will centre on developing fundamental movement skills with a focus on stability, balance, landing and rotation. Students will also participate in a series of Kiwisport ‘volley ball’ sessions.


Te Reo Maori will continue to be integrated into the daily programme to encourage use in authentic contexts.

The programme will focus on developing knowledge and understanding of protocols, traditions and the use of everyday language.


The arts programme will concentrate on further developing skills in dance and drama with units called ‘Follow the Leader’ and ‘Isobel’s Garden’.


Homework will continue as per term two with the exception of a slight change to the oral language presentations. This term, students will prepare a talk about a person who has made a difference in their communities i.e. someone who is or has been a leader. Please refer to the homework book for further information detailing requirements and organisation for this task. The students are really benefiting from the support they receive at home in this area of independent learning. Reading, spelling and basic facts will be the primary focus.


Please refer to the school website for the weekly newsletter which gives details regarding whole school events and key dates.


Thank you for your continued support with various aspects of the Whanake team programme. Your assistance is very much appreciated.


It is important to keep the home/school partnership alive for the benefit of your child and their learning.

Should you have any queries or concerns, please contact the class teacher in the first instance. Our email addresses are listed below.


Kind regards


Mrs Kirsty Hewitt (Room 5)                                    

Mrs Gerry Campbell (Room 6)                                

Mrs Sue Hobin (Room 20)                                                  

Mrs Nicola Couch (Team Leader, Room 7)