Team 6 Rangatiratanga Term 3 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Welcome back to Term 3, a scary thought that we are already more than half way through the school year. Just a couple of things to bring to your notice. Term 3 is traditionally the time to enroll your child at an intermediate school. To this end, Year 6 students will be visiting Northcross on Thursday 2 August, after which they will bring home an enrolment and information pack. Even if your child is not going to attend Northcross, we take them with us to give them a taste of what intermediate school life is about. If your child is intending to attend a different intermediate school, you will need to phone that school directly to find out about the school’s open day and enrolment information. Northcross Intermediate School Open Day/Night for parent information is Tuesday 28 August. Monday 3 September is the designated day for Glamorgan students to enroll. Your child is required to be at the enrolment interview.

This term will be a varied one in terms of the topics we have chosen. We will begin by looking at an integrated unit entitled World on a Canvas in which students research artists and then construct a piece of art based on their chosen artist’s style. This is followed by a Health entitled unit based around the visit of the Life Education caravan. Rangatiratanga will be spending 2 x 1½ hour sessions. Our term concludes with a focus on Science, growing seeds and seedlings. 

The beginning of the term continues the development of Multiplication and Division knowledge and strategies in Maths. This is where the importance of the regular home learning of basic facts becomes particularly crucial. Students who have an excellent instant recall of these times tables find the learning and application of strategies easier. Later in the term, the emphasis will change to fractions, proportions and ratios. Nets, drawings, models, symmetry, rotation and tessellation will be covered in the strand areat of maths.

Physical Education in Term 3 sees the development of skills in volleyball. Dance lessons, taken by Limelight studios, begin Thursday week 2. The cost for this is $24.


If you have any questions or difficulties could you please contact your classroom teacher first.

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      Event Calendar Term 3  (involving Team 6 students)

Year 6 to Northcross Intermediate 9.00 – 1.00pm

Thursday 2 August

Dance lessons begin in the afternoon

Thursday 2 August

ICAS Maths

Tuesday 14 August

School Closed – Teacher Strike Day

Wednesday 15 August

Rippa Tournament

Thursday 16 August

Cluster Winter Sports Day at Kristin

Friday 17 August

Maths Week

13 – 17 August

Rippa tournament save day

Tuesday 21 August

Choir to Cornwall Park School

Wednesday 22 August

Cluster Winter Sports Save Day

Thursday 23 August

Life Education starts

Tuesday 28 August

Daffodil Day

Friday 31 August

School Art Festival

5 – 6 September

Sharing the Learning afternoon

Thursday 6 September

Choir to Greenhithe School

Wednesday 12 September

FOTS Discos

Friday 14 September

Last day of term 3

Friday 28 September