We have had another very busy term with our sports teams, with many having great success in their respective competitions. As always we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the children, parents and teachers who so actively support our teams in either a coaching, managing or spectator capacity.

Interesting Information for Parents

Helping children build physical activity into their daily routine can create a pattern that may stay with them for the rest of their lives.

What the researchers are saying…

“According to the World Health Organization, engaging in physical activity through play, games, and sport gives young people natural opportunities to express themselves, develop self-confidence, relieve tension, achieve success, and interact with others as well as learning about the spirit of solidarity and fair play (World Health Organization, 2003b).  Team games and play foster students’ development of social skills and provide opportunities for them to learn group membership and leadership skills, attitudes, and behaviours.  Physical activity can build students’ character because it provides opportunities to develop values such as dedication, honesty, courage, and fairness. Participation in a range of physical activities encourages students and young people to take on challenges.  Physical activity also offers them opportunities to develop resilience and realise their potential to excel within the scope of their own abilities.”

“More recent New Zealand research undertaken by Clinton, Rensferd, and Willing (2006) confirms that students who are well nourished and engage in regular physical activity are in a better position to benefit from opportunities to learn.”

Northern Bays Cluster Primary Schools Winter Sports Day

On 23rd August, we sent netball, basketball and hockey teams to compete in the Northern Bays Cluster Primary Schools Winter Sports Day at Kristin School.  It was a wonderful day, and all children gained from the experience and represented our school with pride. Thank you to our coaches, managers and helpers.

Michaela Nicol (Teacher in Charge of School Wide Events)


Hockey Photo

It was great to see so many Glamorgan hockey teams playing in the winter league this year.  We had lots of players who were new to the game and worked hard to learn the rules alongside improving their skills. All teams had a fabulous season, achieving some fantastic results. But even more importantly than that they showed dedication, commitment and sportsmanship. Thank you so much to all the amazing coaches and managers who worked tirelessly with the teams you are greatly appreciated.

The Glamorgan Flamingos began the season with very few experienced players, but they soon picked up the game. They had some tough games, but showed persistence resulting in them being placed 3rd in their grade, an outstanding result for a brand new team, well done girls.

The Glamorgan Ferns 5/6 girl’s hockey team had an amazing season.  The girls went from strength to strength finishing the season at the top of their grade, winning or drawing all of their games except one.  A fantastic result.  They worked hard and approached each game with a positive attitude, it really showed.  Well done Glamorgan Ferns.

Kirsty Hewitt (School coordinator)

Glamorgan Jets Year 3/4 boy’s hockey was hugely successful this year.  We were a new team to hockey and all the boys played their little hearts out and won every single one of their games and only had 3 goals scored against them the whole season!  It was a fun season and a very big thanks to Avellyn Whinney our wonderful coach.  We finished first in our Grade which was a wonderful achievement.

Morag Ward (Manager)


Final netball game for Winter 2018 8th Sept 2018 (3)

What a great year of netball it’s been for Glamorgan School.  It’s been great to watch the teams having fun on the court and trying their best each week.  The sportsmanship shown on the court is a great reflection on our school.

Congratulations go to the following teams for placing in the top 3 of their grades.

Glamorgan 5/2 – 1st

Glamorgan Emojis – 3rd

Glamorgan Jetz – 1st

Glamorgan Cherry Bombs – 2nd

Glamorgan Unicorns 1st

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our coaches and managers for giving up your time for trainings and game days.  Without you we would not be able to have as many teams as we do competing in the KidzPlay and NNH competitions.  To all the parents and sideline supporters, thanks for being encouraging and supportive to our teams.

To all of our Year 6 netballers who are moving on to hopefully continuing to play for Northcross Intermediate – good luck and keep playing and having fun on the court!

I’d like to say a big thank you to Telsa Knight for taking over the role of Netball Co-Ordinator, it takes a lot of time and effort to get the teams and umpires organised for the year and dealing with any issues that arise.  Thanks Telsa!

And lastly from me, it’s been fun co-ordinating and coaching netball for Glamorgan for the last few years.  To see the players, get better each year is a credit to all involved.  Good luck to Glamorgan for next season.

Best Wishes

Vickie (Retired Netball Co-Ordinator for Glamorgan School J)

Year 5/6 Basketball

In Term 3, the competition was split into two divisions enabling more evenly matched games. Our Glamorgan teams have competed well, displaying determination, perseverance and sportsmanship. Going into the final round of games this Friday, we have a number of teams vying for top 5 finishes. The Flames are playing off for first or second place, and the Falcons for third or fourth, both in Division B. In Division A, we have the Thunder contesting the third and fourth place match, and the Breakers playing for fifth or sixth. The Fireworks have a bye this week and finished the season in eleventh spot. Well done to all of our teams!

Best of luck to everyone competing this Friday. Have fun, and make yourselves, your family, and the school proud of your efforts.

We hope to see you back playing in Term 4. To the coaches, managers, and parent helpers another massive thank you for your commitment to the children and the sport. It wouldn’t happen without you.

Glenn Sheers (School coordinator)

Year 5/6 Rippa Rugby

Rippa fun day

Term 3 provided two great days of rippa rugby to round out the East Coast Bays module of the competition. The scheduled third tournament day went ahead in mid-August with some fiercely contested matches (including one between our two Year 5/6 boy’s teams). The improvement in player skills and teamwork was very noticeable and pleasing to see. Our performances improved as a result.

Due to bad weather late in Term 2, the second tournament was cancelled and, after much negotiating, was finally rescheduled for the end of August. This ended up being a “friendly” tournament because some schools were unable to attend. The theme was “sportsmanship” and having fun. Our teams certainly displayed both qualities in abundance.

As usual, it was a pleasure taking our teams to these events. They represented themselves and the school with pride. We look forward to welcoming the Year 3, 4 and 5 players back again next year for some more rippa fun. We also hope that the Year 6 players will continue playing in the future, whichever school they attend.

With such a large number of players, we could not give our children the opportunity to participate in these tournaments without the assistance of parents and caregivers. Thank you again to all the whanau who volunteered to support and help manage the teams on tournament days.

Glenn Sheers and Becky Taylor (School coordinators)

Skillz4Life Swimming Lessons 2019

In Term 1 2019, Glamorgan School will once again be taking part in our swimming programme, which will be held in your school pool during school hours.

Only Year 2, 3 & 4 will be taught in Term 1 of 2019 and Term 4 we will be teaching year 5 & 6 doing 8 consecutive lessons over 2 weeks. In our experience children who do blocks of lessons progress faster than children doing weekly or twice weekly lessons as they consolidate their skills almost every day rather than forgetting skills between lessons and having to revise the same skills each lesson.

Children participating will need to wear appropriate swimwear, (rash shirt or wet suits permitted) and hair tied up if long. Goggles and swimming caps are encouraged but optional. Although Glamorgan is lucky to have solar heating in the school pool it can sometimes be chilly if there is wind or your child is slightly built – if this is the case your child will enjoy their lessons more if they are wearing a wetsuit or a thermal top (tight fitting). Caps also help to keep the warmth in.

Payment details 2019

Cost: $50 per child for 8 x 30min lessons

Payment Dates: Accepted from Friday the 14th December-Friday 21st December (Payments will be cut off after this date)

IMPORTANT: Payment Details: Please ensure when you make payment you use your child’s NEW class number in 2019 & name as a reference, so we can track your child’s payment. This will come home with their school report.

The school office will not be collecting the payments and you will need to pay us directly.
Each class will have a specific time when they will be swimming with us – please check with your class teacher at the start of term 1 2019 for this information.

Please note that the school does not organise the swimming lessons and ONLY children who have made payment to Skillz4Life by 21st December will be included in the lessons. There will be opportunities after the lessons finish for classes to go to the pool with their teacher for those who do not wish to have lessons with Skillz4Life.

Option 1: Internet banking.

Pay via internet banking into our bank account

Bank Account Name: Skillz4Life-06 0294 0152826 00

Please use your child’s initial and surname (class number for 2019) as a reference plus GM (for Glamorgan as we do take payments from other schools) $50 per child for 8x 30mins lessons.

Option 2: By cheque (before

Post your cheque to: Skillz4life

PO BOX 310159 Red Beach 0945Auckland

To contact skill4life

Email skillz4life@gmail.com phone number is 027 444 1638 www.skillz4life.co.nz

Jackie Foster Managing Director

Looking Ahead to Term 4

Junior and Senior School Athletics

Super Cluster Athletics

What a fantastic term of sport we have had at Glamorgan School! Once again a huge thank you to all the staff, parents and coaches who volunteer their time to give our students so many wonderful sporting opportunities. Your support is so greatly appreciated!  It is also important to thank and recognize our students for their participation and commitment to their chosen sports. We are always so proud of the way you conduct yourselves and represent Glamorgan School on the sports field/court!

Michaela Nicol (Teacher in Charge of School Wide Sports Events)