Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work.

Kia Ora Everyone

The phrase at the top of this newsletter is on our long term plans to reflect our philosophy and aim. Each child in our classes is unique in their personality, talents and challenges. Our values and cultures are both different and complimentary and they make up the richness of our class community.

Mindfulness and grit are words heard across society a lot this year. Likewise, in school, we have encouraged the children to have the ‘grit’ to persevere with a learning challenge, and we have taught some mindfulness techniques to help them reflect positively on their school relationships. As we go into the last term of the year, we are pleased to celebrate the strong bonds and the support that we see between the children. I am sure we will all enjoy our last weeks together and continue to have high expectations for our learning.

Athletics day is on 7 November, weather permitting, and we have several learning areas that have a related theme and will continue over the term.  These are:

  • how our bodies work to help us run and jump and to keep fit
  • designing and building physical circuits to challenge our athletic skills
  • games that people play around the world
  • writing instructions for a technique or game and then teaching it to others
  • researching and presenting in some way  – oral, written, Kahoot, video etc.
  • looking at how people overcome disabilities and challenges to compete in sport

As part of the school wide poetry focus this term, each child is required to find a poem and learn it off by heart. Children are encouraged to find their poem and practise it as part of homework. They will also have coaching and practice times in class.  All children will present to a group or class. From there some go on to present to the team. Judges then select those who will present to the whole school. You will get more information as we get closer to the time.

On Friday 23 November, at 2pm, it is our turn to take assembly. You are most welcome to come along.

Swimming 2019: From 14 December until 21 December you will be able to pay the $50 required for swimming lessons in Term 1 of 2019.  There will be reminders in the school newsletter and there is further information on the school website. It is important that you sign up during this time, as the swimming instructors will be making up classes before school starts.

Homework continues to be sharing library books, Reading Express, Mathletics and spelling on a regular basis.  It is valuable to use rich vocabulary and include your child in activities that involve money, time, fractions and measurement. Your midterm report and the school website have ideas to support learning at home. Please ensure any bags of books that have gone home for extra holiday reading or stray readers, come back for stock taking soon.

We appreciate your support. Please contact us if you have concerns or wish to celebrate your child’s success.  For urgent matters phone the office, as we may not see your email until the end of the day.


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