Welcome to Hapori.

We have had a smooth and happy start to the school year. The children are settling in well. They are getting to know each other and are generally keen to learn.  We are fortunate to have air conditioning, especially in the afternoons when the children come in hot and tired from a busy playtime.  They will probably be rather tired while they are coping with a new learning environment and with the heat.

This letter is mostly a welcome letter. The school website has an abundance of information to keep you up to date and to provide a range of resources.  You may also get emails from your class teacher for something specific to that class.  All children will have a Seesaw account that we encourage you to sign into. Throughout the year the children use the Seesaw app to present and record their work and interests. This will be both finished work and work in progress. It  is an effective and delightful way to be part of your child’s learning.  Families have a code to view the work and to comment on it.  Your class teacher will provide the necessary details.

We invite parents and caregivers to come to your child’s class on Thursday, 7th February at 6.30 pm.  This is an opportunity for you to meet each other and your child’s teacher.  Information shared will be about the class rather than individual students.  On Wednesday, 3rd April we will have parent, child, teacher discussions for each student.  We may also ask to meet with you at other times, if we feel there is a need. Likewise you are able to email us to make an appointment if you have a concern.

Skillz4Life  swimming lessons start on Monday. These are for students who have paid.  It is too late to sign up now unless you are a new family to the school.

An ongoing component of homework for children in Hapori will be through Mathletics and Reading Eggspress.  Sharing a library book is also encouraged as a valuable reading tool and to foster a love of reading.  Please help your child return books promptly and  encourage them to bring new books home. The library is open before school and at lunchtimes. They need to take their book bag to the library.

This year we are encouraging children to have rubbish free lunch boxes.  The school has no rubbish around it at the moment and we would like to keep it that way. It is also an opportunity for the children to think how they can use less plastic. Something to consider.

During this term we will have particular emphasis on supporting the children to plan and work collaboratively,  and to reflect and evaluate both individually and in group work.  These skills are important to set the norms for a productive and happy year.  Some of the learning contexts are set by us but we also encourage the students to tell us what they want to learn, and to share their passions. 

At the top of our planning we have the phrase ‘KO TE AHUREI O TE TAMAITI ARAHIA O TATOU MAHI’;  Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work.  This reminds us that each child is unique and develops with the values and experiences from home and school. We look forward to working in partnership with you to do our best for the children.


This year we have four teachers in Hapori:

Room 21,  Sharon Close           sharonclose@glamorgan.school.nz

Room 22,  Sue Hobin               suehobin@glamorgan.school.nz

Room 23  Robyn Bennett        robynbennett@glamorgan.school.nz

Room 24  Nayth Loft                naythloft@glamorgan.school.nz


Warm Regards

Robyn, Sharon, Sue and Nayth

(Miniball Notice:  We have two miniball teams for Year 3 and 4 and possibly a place for a new member.  If we have another coach we can also put another team in. Email Robyn Bennett if you wish to coach or have a child who is keen to play.)  This year instead of 4 terms East Coast Bays Leisure Centre is  running the league for 2 half year  seasons.  The  cost will be approximately $80 for each half of the year.  Games are played on Tuesday afternoons at various times.