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Term 2 ends at 3pm on Friday 5th July 2019

Kia ora koutou.  Hello everyone.

Resilience Information Evenings – TONIGHT Thursday June 6 and June 20

This June we are offering two free information evenings with John Meeske who is a specialist in supporting children, teenagers and adults to cope with anxiety, boost resilience, self esteem and cognitive flexibility. John has a been working in mental health for 20 years and is the director of psychological consultancy ‘On Form Consultants’. We invite you to attend one or both of these evenings in our upstairs staffroom, from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Below is a short summary of what will be covered during the first session.

Please RSVP to the school office at 

Session 1 – TONIGHT Thursday 6 June

Seminar 1: The Truth about Resilience Today

Resilience, or our ability to persevere with challenges and recover from setbacks, is the biggest factor when it comes to our success and well-being and this is particularly important for our children.

Why is resiliency decreasing in our kids?

What impact is our current society and technology having on our children’s well-being?

What action do we need to take?

This seminar brings together the key psychological and social factors influencing resilience in children and teenagers today. Parents and students alike will benefit from the ideas presented in this seminar and will leave knowing a great deal about how we function as humans, why levels of resilience are going down and where we need to turn for solutions.

School Cross Country Friday 7th June  

The whole school will be participating in our cross country run tomorrow Friday 7th June (save day Thursday 13 June). The children will run a course around our school grounds adapted for their age. You are all welcome to come along and cheer the children on.  Children run in age groups as below. Please note that races for the junior school have no set time for each race – each race will start after the last runner has finished the previous race. Morning tea will be at the earlier time of 10:00-10:20am.


Assemble10:25 am beneath rooms 18, 19, 20. We have invited children from Glamorgan Kindergarten to start our cross country off with a kindy race at 10:30am. 

 7 year old girls         two course laps

 7 year old boys         two course laps

 5 year old girls         one course lap

 5 year old boys         one course lap

 6 year old girls         one course lap

 6 year old boys        one course lap 

Lunch: 12:15-1:00pm


Assemble: 1:00pm

1:15 – 9 year old girls          three course laps

1:30 – 9 year old boys        three course laps 

1:45 – 10 year old girls       three course laps    

2:00 – 10 year old boys      three course laps 

2:15 – 8 year old girls          two course laps

2:30 – 8 year old boys         two course laps

From this event we will select our school cross country team from the 8,9 and 10+ year groups to compete at the interschool cross country on Monday 24 June (save day 1 July) at Long Bay Regional Park.

The children will be sitting in age lines on their chairs in the middle of the field supervised by teachers. Children who need to leave the field are directed down a chute where they will be given a pass to leave the area. On their return they will need to give back the pass so that we can account for where the children are.

Children will not be able to leave school until 3:00pm as all classrooms will be locked. It is recommended to bring old clothes to school that are suitable to run in (a change of clothes is advisable) and also warm clothes to wait in. Lunch will be from 12.15p.m.-1.00p.m.

If the weather is not good and the cross country is postponed to 13 June, a message will be left on the information line, extension 2. Please note there will not be anyone available to take phone calls until the office opens at 8am. If both days are cancelled due to bad weather then we will run the races as and when we can fit them into the school day as we need to have a confirmed team for the inter schools cross country in two weeks time.

New Zealand-A-Thon test day coming!

This year’s a-thon is a Spell-a-thon and the testing day will be next  Tuesday 11 June so one last weekend to get those NZ facts learnt and be ready for Tuesday! Please send the sponsor sheet back to school on Tuesday and after the test is completed, the teacher will enter the number of questions correct and sign the sheet and send it back home. The children will then have until Friday 21 June to gather their sponsorship funds following the testing day. Please put the sponsor sheet and money in an envelope and send to school.

There is a ‘pizza for lunch’ prize for each team across the school to be won. The winning class in each team will have the highest percentage of children return their sponsor sheet with money. Pizza will be on Tuesday 2nd July for the winning classes.

Thank you for supporting the New Zealand-A-Thon, raising money for the school and increasing your child/ren’s knowledge at the same time!

Whole School Assembly

Team 4 will be leading our whole school assembly next Friday 14th June. You are all welcome to come along.

Travelwise Tip for this week

Always use the crossings – children will copy your example, good or bad. Always use safe crossing areas, respecting the road patrollers.


Jammies in June

Every year there are children who leave hospital in the winter to go home and have no pyjamas to wear. The Middlemore Foundation started Jammies in June a few years ago to help these children from ages 0-16. 

The reason behind KIDZ FIRST Jammies in June ​2019

Jammies keep little chests toasty during chilly winter nights. 

About 320 children are admitted to Kidz First in January, but that increases to more than 700 in August. Kids that are warm at night are less likely to fall sick and be admitted to hospital due to preventable illnesses such as Acute Rheumatic Fever, a disease usually only found in third world countries but prevalent in Counties Manukau.

How you can help

If you would like to donate a pair of new flannelette PJs (any size but don’t forget the teenagers too!) there is a box in the office to pop them in or you can donate a gold coin. We will also have a school wide Jammies in June Day on 25th June when the children can come to school in their pyjamas for the day.


Upcoming Events

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