Glamorgan School Term 2 Sports News 2019

We have had another very busy term with our sports teams, with many having the opportunity to participate in sports cluster events. As always we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the children, parents, and teachers who so actively support our teams in either coaching, managing or spectator capacity.

Active kids are happier adults-By Michelle Barrington-From

Physical activities foster a healthy body and mind and importantly strengthen the relationship parents have with their children as they enter the teenage years.

Your role in your child’s life is just as significant and important as when they were younger. As at any point of developmental change, a child will look to their parents — the people with whom they have the strongest bond — for help, inspiration and role modelling.

Value of physical activity

Through physical activities, kids learn to set goals, meet challenges, teamwork, sportsmanship and the value in practising.

Even if your child finds sport too competitive or is disinterested, it helps to know that most children are not ready for competitive leagues or tough competition until the age of 12. Some associations have non-competitive leagues and some programmes do not keep score or have social games instead.

Help them find what they love

Find the right mix of activity for your child – perhaps your child doesn’t have the hand-eye coordination for tennis but they have the perfect build and aptitude for swimming or they are interested in cycling? Just like adults children need the right sport matched to their ability and interests. Some children are still scared of the ball and may need coaching from you with passing or kicking skills.

The key to raising enthusiastic participants in physical activities is keeping the pressure off children and finding the right physical activity. All the encouragement and effort will pay off when your child develops a positive healthy attitude towards fitness that lasts them a lifetime.

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Tips for Parent Supporters

(Taken from the SPARC Sport and Recreation New Zealand Website)

• Encourage my child to play within the rules and respect officials’ and coaches’ decisions

• Teach my child to respect the efforts of their opponents

• Remember that children learn best by example so I will applaud good plays/performances by both my child’s team and their opponents

• Give positive comments that motivate and encourage continued effort

• Support my child’s efforts and performance

• Thank the coaches, officials and other volunteers who give their time to conduct the event for my child

• Help when asked by a coach or official

• Respect the rights, dignity, and worth of all people involved in the game, regardless of their gender, ability, or cultural background.

Junior School Cross Country

Cross Country is all about enduring the mud, the rain and the wind and this year, we had it all. The children showed great resilience when faced with the threatening weather conditions (and for some races, the actuality of running through rain) and did so with smiles. Determination to do the best they could ensure results to be proud of, for everyone. 40 children (and parents) from Glamorgan Kindergarten joined us again this year and started the day with enthusiasm.

Our appreciation goes to the parents who offered their time to take on a responsibility for the day and stood on the course or finish line for all the races. Room 19, competently marshalled the course and supported the junior students to take on the challenges of the day. The positive way in which they managed themselves and followed through on their responsibilities is a credit to them. I am very thankful to each of them for the commitment they showed.

Steph Masefield (Junior School Cross Country Coordinator)

Senior School Cross Country

As already mentioned above, our students took part in the cross country in true winter cross country conditions! Unfortunately, we had to abandon the event mid-way and use our save day to complete all of our races. We were absolutely delighted with the way the students supported each other and showed an amazing Growth Mindset during the challenges presented to them on the day. Each age group produced its stars (see School Newsletter). All children showed increased fitness levels as a result of the classroom training programmes leading up to the event and most would have felt proud of their achievements. A special thank you to our parent and student volunteers positioned around the course. You did a fantastic job!

The first six placegetters in the eight to ten age groups went on to compete in the Super Cluster Cross Country at Long Bay Regional Park. This involved ten other schools. The weather was outstanding for this event.  Our star performers were Isla Elley 2nd 8-year-old girls, Lucia Sanna 3rd 8-year-old girls, Harmony Naeata 2nd 9-year-old girls, and Ryan Ward 3rd  10-year-old boys. In the teams event we claimed enough points to place Glamorgan 4th overall. Many thanks to all our parent supporters and volunteers who helped on the day.

Michaela Nicol (Teacher in Charge of School Sports Events)

Year 5/6 Basketball

Glamorgan Breakers -1st place in Division 1

What a season our basketball players have had over the past five months. This year’s competition has been split into two semester seasons rather than the usual four terms. This has provided more continuity over a longer season and given teams the chance to play all the other teams in their division at least once. Our five Glamorgan teams have shown huge progress with their skills, their teamwork and their sportsmanship. Congratulations to you all.

Last Friday was finals round and we had teams vying for titles in both divisions. In Division 1, the Glamorgan Breakers clinched first place with a convincing win over the Long Bay Vipers. Our Thunder Cats finished the season strongly to take out third place. In Division 2, the Glamorgan Flames continued their stellar season to take the title with a win over Sherwood in the final. While the Fireworks and Dragons finished out of the placings this season, they represented Glamorgan with pride and integrity.

We hope to see you all back next season to play hard and play fair. Keep enjoying yourselves, continue to build your team bonds, and remember to show respect to your coaches, the umpires and the opposition. To our coaches, managers, and parent helpers a MASSIVE thank you for your commitment to ensuring that our children have the opportunity to play such a wonderful team sport. It wouldn’t happen without you.

Glenn Sheers (School coordinator)


We have had two miniball teams playing this semester and are currently looking for another coach. One of our teams came second in their division and the other team came fourth. We really appreciate the coaching and the parent help as well as the way the children show respect as a team.

Robyn Bennett (School coordinator)


Glamorgan has two Year 5/6 hockey teams entered in the North Harbour Hockey Association Primary League and both the boys and girls teams are doing really well and enjoying their season so far.  Hockey runs for both the 2nd and 3rd terms at North Harbour Hockey and all the Glamorgan children involved are enjoying the season and looking forward to the new venue next year which is currently under construction.  A big thanks to both coaches for giving up their time to coach both teams.  The hockey photos are of the “Mad Hatter” Celebration they had at NHHA recently celebrating Olympic Day 2019.  Lots of fun had by all!

Robyn Bennett and Sue Hobin (School coordinators)

Rippa Rugby

Sunshine greeted us for our first tournament in Week 4 of this term and everyone enjoyed a day of fast, running rugby. Our teams worked wonderfully together and were always there to support each other throughout the day. Thank you to Sian and Nina for volunteering to play in the Year 5/6 boys team when they were short of players – your display of team spirit was greatly appreciated. As teacher and coaches, we were proud to see the high level of sportsmanship and respect displayed by so many of our players.

All five of our teams had a successful tournament and we came away with a 10 win, 5 loss record. Congratulations on a superb effort. On tournament day, the team managers were asked to select a player in each team who displayed outstanding team spirit and fair play. Well done to our Players of the Day for Tournament 1 – Louise Clarke, Coco Latoa-Levi, Alicia Tuck, Boston Pule and William Parr. We are proud of you.

Taking a group of nearly 60 players to tournaments of this size requires support from family and whanau. Thank you to the parents and caregivers who have volunteered to help manage teams on tournament days. We could not give our children the opportunity to participate in these events without your assistance.

Hopefully, the weather will be kind to us this week for the second tournament day.

Glenn Sheers and Becky Taylor (School coordinators)


We have 13 netball teams this season.  Seven Year 1-4 teams playing at Pinehurst on a Saturday and Six Year 5&6 teams playing on a Wednesday afternoon at Netball North Harbour. Thank you to the amazing coaches and managers for all the time and effort you put in, we could not run this many teams without you!

Grading games have now finished, well done to all the teams and best of luck for the competition games continuing next term.

Year 6 Netball Field Day 

On Wednesday 19th June our three Year 6 teams travelled by bus to Netball North Harbour to compete in the year 6 field day. Each team gave it their all and showed fantastic sportsmanship.

We had some outstanding results with 6/3 winning the D grade, 6/2 runners up in the C grade and 6/1 only losing one pool game to the eventual winners of the A grade.

Thank you to Mrs Cutfield for organising the day and to the parent helpers who gave up their time to support the children. Looking forward to seeing you all giving it your best and having fun on the court next term!

Telsa Knight (Netball coordinator)

Term 3 Events

Northern Bay Cluster Winter Sports Day

Basketball/Mini Ball

Junior and Senior Netball


Rippa Rugby Tournament


Once again a huge thank you to all the staff, parents, and coaches who volunteer their time to give our students so many wonderful sporting opportunities. I also wish the very best to our teams and athletes with their Term 3 games and events.

Michaela Nicol (Teacher in Charge of School Sports Events)