Term 3 Team Haepapa Newsletter 2019


Tēnā koutou katoa

Ko tenei te mihi atu ki a koutou katoa

Dear Parents and Caregivers

A very warm welcome back to school for Term 3. We hope you were able to enjoy a lovely break with your families. We have a very full programme organised for the children over the next 10 weeks and look forward to working with you all to ensure that they make the most of these opportunities. A huge thank you to all parents who are helping in a myriad of ways in our busy classrooms. The education of your child is a real team effort between home and school.

There were many wonderful opportunities that presented themselves for our students in Term 2. They have taken part in many activities with great enthusiasm. Some of the highlights as voted by the students were our space-themed dress-up parade to launch our Astronomy/Space inquiry, Dance lessons with Krystal Stuart, Te Reo Lessons with whaea Freda, Kiwisport Football programme, the Jammies in June Day Fundraiser, and the NZ Athon. We have also had students from our team represent our school in the Super Cluster Cross Country Event and the Rippa Rugby tournaments.

We are especially thrilled with the way in which our students are stepping up and taking responsibility with their school duties in and around the school. We were extremely proud of the way the children performed in the school cross country! Their participation and attitude on their distance training and building stamina was excellent both at the start of the term and in the weeks leading up to the whole school Cross Country event. It certainly was a busy active term!

At the end of Term 2 all children received an interim school report. Following on from this you may want to check out the links and resources within the Home School Partnership pages for more information about Literacy and Mathematics and ideas on how you can support your child’s learning at home. With another action-packed term planned we look forward to providing stimulating and exciting learning experiences for your children to enjoy.

Term 3 Theme: Back to the Future

Our major curriculum Social Science and Technology focus will be around ancient civilisations. Just as a reminder we are planning to launch this exciting Inquiry with a dress-up parade on Thursday 25th July in the hall at 9:15. We encourage you to support your child in preparing a costume appropriate for this theme. Examples are Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Aztecs, Ancient Rome, Inca’s to name a few!

The expectation is not to go out and buy a costume, but rather to recycle items from home. We will investigate the Ancient Egyptians and the significant contributions that they made during ancient times that advanced science, technology, and the arts. The children will also carry out their own inquiry into an ancient culture of their choice.

Glamorgan School Variety Show

In week 9, on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th September, your child will be participating in our school variety show evening performances. Our team has been working on our item as part of our Arts Programme. More detailed information about this event will come home later in the school term We hope you are able to come along to one of the performances.

Skillz 4 Life Swimming Lessons Term 4

In week 7 a letter will come home offering your child the opportunity to have paid swimming lessons in school time at the end of Term 4. We have been able to secure the expertise of the qualified swimming instructors from Skillz4life, swim school. Students will have their swimming lessons every day over a period of two weeks. This swimming programme begins Weeks 8 & 9 starting on the 2nd to the 13th December. Lessons will not take place on Tuesdays.

Their swimming lessons are aimed at all age groups and abilities and each lesson is tailored to the swimmer’s individual needs with a strong focus on water safety and fun. Structured lessons are based on ability levels after an initial assessment of students’ swimming ability.

The cost of the lessons is $50 per child for 8 x 30min lessons. Payments will need to be paid (No Later) than the end of term 3 2019, the last date for payment will be the 27th of September. The school office will not be collecting the payments instead you will need to pay Skillz 4 Life directly. This information will come home later in the term so no action is required until then.

Homework Feedback

At the end of last term an email was sent out asking for your feedback with regards to our Home Learning programme reflecting on its place and value to you and your child. Thank you to all those families who responded to our questions and made comments. We appreciate your feedback and we will be spending some time looking at your responses as a team this term. In the meantime, we will continue with our current Home Learning programme and format. Please take note of the suggestions made below as these offer other home learning opportunities you may wish to consider.

Home Learning Link

Writing- As part of our home school partnership we strongly encourage you to look for opportunities for purposeful writing at home. Try to provide opportunities for writing letters/emails to family and friends in other parts of the country or overseas. Play with words. Thinking of interesting words and discussing new ones can help increase the words your child uses when they write and speak. Share your own writing with your child – lists, planning for family events or an email. You can help them to see that you too use writing for different purposes.

Home Learning Link

Reading- Please remind your child to read every night for 20 (or more) minutes. They should be reading a wide range of fiction and nonfiction texts on a regular basis. Show an interest by asking them questions or talking to them about what they are reading. You could take them to the public library or read aloud to them. By reading the books your children are reading you will be able to have discussions with them. Reading to your children provides the opportunity to meet and discuss new vocabulary. You could try reading a classic to your child or a text which is slightly beyond their reading ability to stretch their language and content knowledge. The children can also access their Reading Eggspress accounts at home. This online programme is an opportunity for your child to practise their reading skills and you will be able to monitor their progress.

Learning Link

Numeracy-This term our Numeracy Programme will continue to teach and revise Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Proportions and Ratios knowledge and strategies. One of the ways that you can most easily support them is to help them develop the knowledge that they will need to be able to use these strategies. You can help them to learn their basic facts by encouraging them to study a particular times table or set of multiplication and division facts. Knowing basic facts will help students be able to solve more complicated maths problems with less effort.

Helping your child learn their basic maths facts at home is the best way to ensure a strong foundation from which to build their mathematics knowledge. Slow, steady practice is the key to making progress. Be creative and make the practice as fun as possible and your child will get a positive message about their learning. When children play games they are highly engaged, focused and motivated. Once they have studied these you could ask them questions while doing the dishes together or travelling in the car etc. This on-going practice at home and school will help your child to gain more confidence with their mathematics. We would strongly encourage the children to use their Mathletics account at home to support their learning.

Important Conversations

Take time out with your child to have that very important conversation “Let’s talk about what you are learning at school”, and encouraging good discussion through open probing questions. Having this type of conversation with children on a regular basis does much to consolidate the learning at school, and this is one of the key objectives of homework. Encouraging further inquiry through enthusiastic discussion assists the process of a child gradually becoming independent with their home learning.

If you have any concerns or queries about anything in this newsletter or anything regarding your child, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

Kind Regards

Michaela Nicol (Team Leader) michaelanicol@glamorgan.school.nz

Glenn Sheers glennsheers@glamorgan.school.nz

Ann Morris annmorris@glamorgan.school.nz