Matariki Newsletter Term 3 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

A warm welcome to the families who are joining us this term. We also welcome Mrs Angela Stoffberg back to the teaching team.

To contact us:

Room 4: Mrs Jo Barker and Mrs Steph Masefield

Room 16 Mrs Helen Barlow and Miss Becky Taylor

Room 2: Mrs Kate Koman

Room 1: Mrs Angela Stoffberg


If you have an urgent message, please contact the school office as teachers do not check emails during teaching time.

Entering the school grounds

Please be aware that our junior area is gated.  If you use the drop off zone in the mornings please drop your child by the shelter (not at the entrance by the caretaker’s room) and teach them to walk up past the office and all the way around through the gate by Mrs Watson’s window (this is the only one left open in the morning). Children are unable to open the other gates and may injure themselves if they try to climb the others.

Term Learning Focus

We will continue to focus on building the Key Competencies as skills for learning. A large part of our focus this term will be on creating and refining our performance for the School Variety Show. There are 3 performances (2 evenings and 1 day time) where all children in the school perform in an item.

The context for our other learning will be around Story telling. We would welcome any parents or grandparents sharing a traditional story from the many cultures we have in our team.

Continuing our safety theme, this term we will learn about fire safety.

PE Programme

Our PE focus this term is movement, spatial awareness and coordination. We will also be teaching ball handling skills.

Road Safety

This term we ask that you give you child the opportunity to become aware of and practise essential road safety skills. Parking on one of the side roads and walking to school allows you to teach your child to be aware of the traffic, driveways and hazards. This can be done as you walk together by prompting them to listen, then ask whether they think the next vehicle will be a bus, truck, car or motorbike. Likewise, ask them what colour of the vehicle that just went past. Teaching them to be aware and observant as they walk will help them build the skills to keep themselves safe. If you begin teaching your child road safety skills now, they will have a good foundation for when they are old enough to walk to and from school without you.


If you are able to donate or you have a source for any of the following, please let your class teacher know. We would like:

Tent pegs

China cups, saucers, plates

Old, small appliances for tinkering (not working)

Wooden cable reels

Napkin/ serviette rings

Cardboard tubes

Wood supplies for carpentry

Hand drills, hand planes

Bamboo of different lengths and thicknesses

Play Based Learning:

We believe that children learn best through play and all classes in Matariki use this approach.

Scientists have recently determined that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain- unless it is done with play, in which case, it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions.

Dr Karen Purvis

We will continue to use the outdoors this term so please include layers and a change of clothes for your child each day. If these clothes are in a named plastic bag, they can be hung on the bag hook and remain at school until they are required. A rain jacket and gumboots are also a good idea with the changeable weather.

Food and rubbish at school:

We are a litter-free school. We ask that you transfer food from its packaging to lidded containers or use a lunchbox with separate compartments. Please try to provide a healthy lunch and snack options for your child. Many pre-prepared foods do not help children concentrate for learning during the day. A fresh homemade sandwich, wrap or rice/ noodle meal, together with fruit or vegetables and a small biscuit/ cake treat are good options.

Remember we do not allow nuts, nut spreads or muesli bars to be eaten at school due to children with severe nut allergies.

Water bottles are essential.

Any rubbish from lunches will be returned home in the lunchbox.

LockDown Supplies:

Each class has a kit set up to cater for the unlikely event of a school Lockdown. We ask that each child bring a can of food (with a pull ring) or long-life food item that they will want to eat. This item will be named and will be for your child. At the end of the year, these items will be returned to you (at your request) or donated to a charity.

Dates for your diary:

Please read the notes in the school newsletter (emailed to you and available on the school website) and on the school noticeboard as additional information is available on these.

August 9th: Matariki leading the school assembly

August 30th: Daffodil day (wear yellow and send a gold coin donation for the Cancer Society)

September 18th and 19th: Whole School Variety Show evening performances


Many thanks from us all for your interest and support. Please do not hesitate to come and see us or email us if you would like to discuss anything.


Kind regards

Jo Barker, Helen Barlow, Kate Koman, Angela Stoffberg, Becky Taylor and Steph Masefield (Team Leader)