Welcome back everyone.

By the end of last term we had explored renewable energy and had created our community models with associated virtual roles and happenings. We were rather sad to have to break our towns up but we needed the space back for new learning this term.

At the end of this term there is a school wide Variety Show, so we have taken the arts as a major focus that will thread through the curriculum. The big ideas that we look at are:

  • How people use dance and music to communicate an idea.
  • Sharing cultural values.
  • Having a form of relaxation.
  • Society reflected through dance and music.

The movement of dance offers an excellent medium for learning in science and to use in literacy. By term three our school themes take on a more global element so we will also look at cultural elements of dance. If you have anything to share with us, that will inform our learning, please let us know.

The Key Competencies from the New Zealand Curriculum (in bold below) guide our teaching in the following areas. The statements beside them indicate what we will be helping the children develop this term in particular.

Managing Self:  Being actively involved.  Having a ‘can do’ attitude and seeing themselves as capable learners. 

Relating to Others: Be able to express their ideas and feelings effectively to peers.  Interact Effectively

Participating & Contributing : Is not afraid to make a mistake. Collaboration.

Thinking: Make connections with their prior knowledge and what they are reading, viewing and hearing. Follow problem solving steps: what do we know, what do we need to know, how can we find out.

Using Languages, Symbols & Texts:  Making sense of information.  Share ideas with the wider community.


Seesaw will continue to be an important avenue for sharing our learning and for notices.  There will be work that needs editing and further learning as well as finished products. Please use what you see on Seesaw to discuss and ask questions as this further develops your child’s learning. If you are not yet on the Seesaw app, and would like to be, please see your classroom teacher.


While Mathletics and Reading Eggspress  are the main homework tasks set, your child’s report has information to help you work at an appropriate level at home. You are welcome to email photos or send in a home learning project that we can share with the rest of the class.  We are happy to replace spelling or maths knowledge sheets from the beginning of the year, if they are misplaced or you need a new level.

Thank you

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