Glamorgan School Term 3 Sports News

We have had another very busy term with our sports teams, with many having great success in their respective competitions. As always we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the children, parents and teachers who so actively support our teams in either a coaching, managing or spectator capacity.

Interesting Information for Parents

Helping children build physical activity into their daily routine can create a pattern that may stay with them for the rest of their lives.

What the researchers are saying…

“According to the World Health Organization, engaging in physical activity through play, games, and sport gives young people natural opportunities to express themselves, develop self-confidence, relieve tension, achieve success, and interact with others as well as learning about the spirit of solidarity and fair play (World Health Organization).  Team games and play foster students’ development of social skills and provide opportunities for them to learn group membership and leadership skills, attitudes, and behaviours.  Physical activity can build students’ character because it provides opportunities to develop values such as dedication, honesty, courage, and fairness. Participation in a range of physical activities encourages students and young people to take on challenges.  Physical activity also offers them opportunities to develop resilience and realise their potential to excel within the scope of their own abilities.”

“More recent New Zealand research undertaken by Clinton, Rensferd, and Willing confirms that students who are well-nourished and engage in regular physical activity are in a better position to benefit from opportunities to learn.”

Northern Bays Cluster Primary Schools Winter Sports Day

On the 15th August, we sent netball, basketball, hockey and football teams to compete in the Northern Bays Cluster Primary Schools Winter Sports Day at Kristin School. We were delighted with our teams’ results. Both the basketball and football teams won their competitions and the netball team placed 3rd.  It was a wonderful day, and all children gained from the experience and represented our school with determination and sportsmanship. Thank you to our coaches, managers and Long Bay College student helpers.

Michaela Nicol (Teacher in Charge of School-Wide Events)


What a great year of netball it’s been for Glamorgan School.  It’s been great to watch the teams having fun on the court and trying their best each week.  The sportsmanship shown on the court is a great reflection on our school.

Congratulations go to the following teams for placing in the top 3 of their grades.

Glamorgan 5/1 – 2nd

Glamorgan 5/3 – 2nd

Glamorgan Flames – 1st

Glamorgan LOL’s – 2nd

To all our coaches and managers, thank you for all the time and effort you have put in this season to either coach or manage a netball team! You are very much appreciated and we couldn’t run the 13 netball teams successfully without all of you. We hope you have had a fantastic season. To all the parents and side-line supporters, thanks for being encouraging and supportive to our teams.

To all of our Year 6 netballers who are moving on to hopefully continuing to play for Northcross Intermediate – good luck and keep playing and having fun on the court!

Telsa Knight (School coordinator)

We are so very appreciative of all the amazing work our netball coordinator Telsa does to organise and support all of our netball teams, coaches, managers and Glamorgan School staff.  She has worked across the school, thus giving a seamless transition throughout all the age groups. She works tirelessly to ensure our school netball runs smoothly. Thank you, Telsa.

Year 5/6 Basketball

The second semester of basketball is well underway. The grading rounds are now completed and, for this season, Glamorgan has four teams in Division 1 and one in Division 2. With some players unavailable due to other sporting commitments, we have been able to welcome a few new players to our teams. We hope you enjoy the friendship and camaraderie.

While it was nice to have medal-winning performances in the first semester, the most pleasing aspect was witnessing the development of teamwork, sportsmanship, and basketball skills. A huge thank you to the coaches, managers and parent helpers for your contribution to helping the children build these important life skills.

Good luck for the rest of the season. Represent yourself, your team, your family, and Glamorgan School with pride. Play hard and play fair.

Glenn Sheers (School coordinator)

Rippa Rugby

The weather gods were smiling on us in Term 3, providing two fine and sunny days for the second and third rugby festivals. The focus of the tournaments this year was on enjoyment and team spirit, and the organisers have certainly been successful to fostering these. The children really enjoy participating at these events.

As coaches, Becky and I have been proud to witness the progress the children have made with their skills, as well as with their teamwork. Our teams were also very competitive and successful this year, winning the majority of our games. It was a pleasure taking our teams to these events. They represented themselves and the school with pride.

A massive thank you to the parent helpers and whanau who helped out at the tournaments. We would not be able to take such a large group of children to these events without your support.

We look forward to welcoming the Year 3, 4 and 5 players back next year, and hope that the Year 6 players have enjoyed their experiences playing rippa for Glamorgan School.

Glenn Sheers and Becky Taylor (School coordinators)

Summer Hockey

Year 5 or 6 students who are interested in playing Summer hockey please contact Mrs Bennett  – Room 23 or North Harbour Hockey offers a range of Summer Hockey competitions for primary school-aged students so that players of all ages & levels can receive a world-class hockey experience. Primary & Intermediate School Summer Hockey runs throughout Term 4 and is played at the North Harbour Hockey Stadium. All games are 30 minutes in duration and are played Tuesday nights.

Summer Awards

Well done Glamorgan Golden Dragons (Year 5/6 girls) who were awarded North Harbour Hockey team effort trophy and for their coach Tatum Doubell,  for most valuable coach trophy.

Looking Ahead to Term 4 School-Wide Events

Junior and Senior School Athletics

Super Cluster Athletics

Weeks 8-9-Swimming Lessons for Year 5 and 6

What a fantastic term of sport we have had at Glamorgan School! Once again a huge thank you to all the staff, parents and coaches who volunteer their time to give our students so many wonderful sporting opportunities. Your support is so greatly appreciated!  It is also important to thank and recognize our students for their participation and commitment to their chosen sports. We are always so proud of the way you conduct yourselves and represent Glamorgan School on the sports field/court!

Michaela Nicol (Teacher in Charge of School-Wide Sports Events)