Welcome back everyone.

This last term always seems to go so fast. It is a special time as we enjoy our last term together and prepare for Year 4.  The children are being guided by their teacher to reflect on what they have accomplished and what they are working on, in readiness for finishing their year in Hapori.  For some this is self management. For some it is academic such as basic facts in maths or increasing description when writing.  Hopefully they can tell you something they think is a good goal for them. As always we focus on believing in ourselves and understanding that, by focusing and practising and working to support each other, we reach new levels of understanding.

We have held back sending this newsletter because we have been trying to get the Wizard of Oz trip organised. Thank you for getting back to us so quickly to say if you supported it. As mentioned in the email, getting a bus to bring us back to school is difficult in the afternoon. As it turns out, despite many emails and trying different companies, we do not have buses that will get us back to school. We were waiting on one company but today they have advised they can’t take us.

Teachers are presently busy writing reports. At the end of the term each child will bring a report home that will celebrate their accomplishments and give guidance on how to support them further.  Our reports reflect academic progress, the key competencies that relate to participation, relationships, self management, thinking skills and communication.

The school poetry recital competition on the morning of 28th November is where finalists perform their poem to the whole school.  Each child is expected to learn and recite a poem to their class.  Some children will then be selected to present to the whole team. From these, three children are selected to enter the school competition.  Children will be supported in class by teachers and peers but their choice of poem is a homework activity, as is learning the poem off by heart.  Please help them to find and learn an appropriate poem for them.  Points are given for clarity, expression, projecting their voice and using gestures and/or props.

Junior Athletics Day is on Monday the 4th of November (save day Friday 8th). Children who have already turned eight by this date will be in the Senior Athletics on Wednesday 13th November (save day 14th). We will be practising as a team. Another part of our PE and sports this term involves the children making fitness circuits. This requires creative thinking, problem solving, maths and a variety of team building skills as well as being good physical exercise.  When they have built their circuits they invite other classes to come and use them. This is an opportunity for our children to give back to the school community and to take a leadership roll.

It is our team’s turn to lead assembly this Friday, 25 October.  Assembly starts at 2 pm. You are most welcome to attend.

Just a few reminders:

Term 4 is a time where sunhats are required. So far raincoats seem more appropriate but here’s hoping.

If children bring toys to school the ultimate responsibility lies with them as there is only so much we can do at play times.

We are no rubbish school and encourage the children to have healthy food. In respect of children with allergies, food with nut products should not come to school as they sit together to eat lunch.

Perhaps the most important reminder, from the children’s perspective, is Disco night on Friday 1 November.

We are collecting spare togs and towels (Room23) for children throughout the school to use when they forget their gear. Any donations, welcome if you find your children have outgrown theirs.


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