Dear Families

Welcome to Hapori, a community of learning for children in year 3.

The school website has information on what is happening in school and general information on how to support your child. The school newsletter will keep you up to date. It also has our names and email addresses.

This letter is to welcome you and introduce Hapori teachers.  On Wednesday the 12th February, at 5.45 pm, you will have the opportunity to meet us in individual classes. We have four classes for 2020.   Robyn Bennett and Sharon Close, were in our team last year and we have Gerry Campbell moving from year 2. We also welcome Sharon Topliss who is new to the school.

It will be lovely to get to know you and the children as we spend time together, learning their passions, encouraging their curiosity and settling them in.  With the heat and being in a new environment, the children will get tired. It may take  some a while to feel relaxed and a sense of belonging. We will nurture them so don’t be too concerned. We ask that they get plenty of sleep if possible.  Sunhats are needed this term please.

Under the key competency of Managing Self we will focus on self esteem and building a positive class culture.  Our first theme will be about life on a farm. We will be listening to what the children are curious about and what questions they want to explore.

School swimming starts on the 4th February.  All children who have paid for lessons need to have swimming gear at school each day. Clothes that they can manage easily would be helpful.

For the last two years we have had a team day that we call camping day. We have shared activities and some well supervised tent time around an imaginary campfire. We would like to do it again this year if we have enough parents who can provide tents. They can be small or large tents but we need parents to erect them before school and take them down either at lunch time or some time in the afternoon.  If you can provide a tent please let us know. The day will be Wednesday 4th of March.

We have a school form on which you are welcome to write about your child. You can scan and email or bring it to school. If you have not had it emailed yet it will arrive shortly.

Your classroom teacher will have information that is specific to the class and we are available on email at:   Room 22                Room 23     Room 24                   Room 25

For urgent messages please phone the office as we do not check emails while teaching.


Robyn, Sharon, Sharon and Gerry